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4 reasons to visit Climbers Laboratory at Woodleigh Park in Singapore (CLOSED)

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

The themed rock climbing walls and quaint location of Climbers Laboratory at Woodleigh Park in Singapore make for a fun visit for both kids and adults.

After our recent visits to T-hall.sg, our kids have become quite the rock wall climbing enthusiasts, though their interests are so far only in cute-looking thematic walls. I think fun-looking rock walls at venues that cater to kids do attract and motivate children to climb, perhaps because they can yell from the top of the walls to their waiting parents, "Look Ma, I touched the dinosaur's head!" It's a sense of achievement!

And it’s through T-hall that we came to know of Climbers Laboratory, a rock wall climbing place located at the PUB Recreation Club in Woodleigh Park, a quiet enclave that houses several colonial bungalows off Braddell Road. The area is not well known and a hidden gem in the northeast of Singapore.

The Arena at PUB Recreation Club

Here are four reasons why it’s worth taking the kids for climbing fun and more at Climbers Laboratory:

1) It has 16 thematic fun walls

Climbers Laboratory has 16 thematic fun walls at its Fun Zone, each one with different degrees of difficulties, but are all really cute, like these with dinosaur fossils and sausages...

and these space- and monster-themed walls.

I particularly like this coconut tree (below) which looks as if the kids are really scaling up a real tree!

These crates (below) are a hit with our kids. They had a field day climbing to the top and sitting there enjoying the view. I really do notice how they have improved with speed and strength with every visit to a rock wall climbing place. It's great exercise too - they are knocked out by bedtime after every trip! Hehe.

We were the only family at the fun walls the Saturday morning we were there, so we essentially had the whole place to ourselves! But we heard that afternoon weekends can get more crowded.

2) It has augmented reality walls

Climbers Laboratory also has two augmented reality walls in the Fun Zone where you can climb and play games at the same time. Here's what it actually looks like.

There is a separate charge for it but as there were no bookings or lessons during the time we were there, the kids climbed there for a while.

We thought the rates (see below) for the augmented reality wall is pretty reasonable and looks rather fun for a family activity. We’ll probably try it out another day as the kids were beat after their 90 minutes at the fun walls!

3) It provides climbing courses

Climbers Laboratory hold climbing classes for kids and adults, and there are some which teach climbing techniques coming up during the school holidays. We’ll definitely think of signing our kids up given their growing interest in rock wall climbing. See Climbers Laboratory's website for more details.

4) It's located in a quaint area with free parking

Climbers Laboratory is located in The Arena which is part of the PUB Recreation Club that houses other sports and fitness facilities, and Cafe Football - a football-themed cafe that's opened for breakfast till supper late at night, and also serves up live music and telecasts live football matches.

Cafe Football at The Arena at PUB Recreation Club

The area is really quite nice to come by be it for the facilities at The Arena, the cafe or to watch a football match at the field next to The Arena. I find the area reminiscent of the Dempsey area, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Football pitch at Woodleigh Park

Parking is free outside The Arena. But the parking area can get crowded - it definitely was on the Saturday morning we were there - as there are often football matches going on at the pitch.

Bonus tips for your trip:

- Non-members pay $30 and members $24 for 90 minutes at the fun walls, while the augmented reality walls cost $33 for non-members and $27 for members for a 30-minute session which can accommodate up to six participants. Membership is at $22 annually.

- Those four years and above with minimum weight capacity of 15kg can climb at Climbers Laboratory, with at least one supervising adult required for every three children. A instructor will conduct a safety briefing with participants prior to the start of their climb. The catches are relatively easy for our kids to manipulate - they are seven and nine years old - but after climbing for a while, they did complain their fingers were too tired to press the clasps down!

- Shoes are provided, so just bring socks along.

- Follow Climber Laboratory’s Facebook page for updates on promotions and private event closure dates.

Find Climbers Laboratory at 48 Woodleigh Park, PUB Recreation Club, Singapore 357844 or contact them at +65 9187 0802. It's closed on Mondays and opens on 2-10pm Tue-Fri, and 10am-7pm on Sat, Sun and public holidays.

Disclaimer: We paid for our entrance fees, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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