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(UPDATED) If you haven't tried Maccha House's Japanese food and desserts, here's why you should

Singapore's Maccha House serves up delicious Japanese main courses and palatable matcha drinks and desserts.

Maccha House latte Singapore matcha Japanese food desserts drinks

Updated: 5 May 2024 (Added new dishes tried)

Maccha House is really becoming one of our favourite affordable Japanese eateries but unfortunately, we don't get to go there enough as their stores are not located at malls we frequent. Anyhoo, we were at PLQ mall recently which has a Maccha house, so I'm updating this post with the dishes we tried.

Teriyaki Chicken & Onsen Egg Plate (S$12.99)

Maccha House Singapore PLQ mall

Hubs had this Teriyaki chicken with onsen egg that came with soup and salad. Photo taken after the egg was poked. The meat was tender while the sweet Teriyaki sauce went well with the creamy onsen egg.

Mentaiko Carbonara Udon with Onsen Egg (S$14.99)

Maccha House Singapore PLQ mall

This is the normal and thicker udon unlike the Inaniwa udon below. The little one liked the creamy carbonara sauce paired with mentaiko, and for one who has no issues with udon (unlike me!), she enjoyed it very much, though it is rather filling.

Omelette Hayashi Plate (S$15.99)

Maccha House Singapore PLQ mall

This is rice topped with omelette and served with beef stew. The omelette egg is soft and nicely done, while the beef stew sauce was very flavourful, but the beef was rather veiny making it hard to chew.

Will update again the next time we're at Maccha House!

Original post: 24 June 2023

Not in Japan anymore but still enjoying Japanese food in Singapore! We recently passed by Maccha House at Orchard Central on our way to a birthday party and were attracted by Maccha House's menu. The food, dessert and drinks looked really palatable and we decided we had to have dinner here after the birthday party.

Maccha House has been in Singapore for a few years now but it is my first time hearing about it. From the name and at first glance, Maccha House looks like a place for matcha drinks and desserts and I think it's probably famous for that given that Maccha House hails from Kyoto and is famous for its tiramisu that attracts long queues at its Kyoto outlet.

Maccha House Singapore matcha Japanese food desserts drinks

Prices of mains at Singapore's Maccha House are at S$10.99-18.99 while regular drinks are around $4-6. Desserts including parfaits range from $6.99 to $12.99. Here are we ordered for dinner and our review for the dishes:

Salmon Mentaiko Omurice (S$12.99)

Maccha House Singapore matcha Japanese food desserts drinks salmon mentaiko omurice

The tender salmon and egg-covered rice go really well with the creamy mentaiko sauce. This is Maccha House's June special but I hope it'd be on the regular menu because we would love to order this again!

Carbonara Inaniwa Udon ($12.99)

Maccha House Singapore matcha Japanese food desserts drinks carbonara udon

Inaniwa udon is udon that is handstretched and made with fine ingredients to produce udon that are thinner and smoother than regular udon. I'm usually not a fan of thick noodles like udon but this inaniwa udon is just right for me and the dish is on the whole creamy and flavourful.

Tonkotsu ramen ($12.99)

Maccha House Singapore matcha Japanese food desserts drinks tonkotsu ramen

I enjoy the noodles and tender pork very much. I usually like the thinner noodles for ramen but this is good and not overly starchy. The broth is also flavourful and not too oily which can be the case for some tonkotsu ramen.

For drinks, we opted for the regular Maccha Kuromitsu Latte which comes with brown sugar syrup ($5.40) and Matcha Latte with soft serve ice-cream ($5.40) - see cover pic! Hubs said he didn't really taste the brown sugar syrup but generally the matcha lattes taste good!

For dessert, we had the maccha tiramisu ($6.99) and vanilla and maccha mixed soft serve ($3.60).

Maccha House tiramisu Singapore matcha Japanese food desserts drinks
Maccha Tiramisu

The latter's portion is rather small but it looks really exquisite served with a hot cup of tea. Hubs and I both enjoy the dessert which isn't overly sweet and just how we like it.

Little E likes the soft serve ice-cream, too, which is quite a generous portion.

Maccha House Singapore matcha Japanese food desserts drinks soft serve ice-cream

Maccha House also has promos like set lunches and a BFF deal, where if you order two mains, two drinks and one dessert, you get $10 off - this is almost like the drinks are free!

Different outlets also have different specials and deals, so what you see here might differ from what's offered at the two other Maccha House outlets at PLQ and Suntec City.

I saw a social media review which said the desserts are great but not the mains. Well, we feel otherwise. We enjoyed all our mains, drinks and desserts and I thought the prices are very reasonable especially for the main courses, though the desserts like the parfaits are on the high side.

All in all, we really like our meal which feels complete with tasty drinks and desserts. We definitely hope to visit Maccha House again!

Disclaimer: We paid for our meal, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.



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