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  • Vivian Teo

5 reasons why's climbing fun zone rocks

Updated: Dec 26, 2020 offers a variety of climbing walls with themes so adorable that kids, and even adults, would find them a load of fun to scale.

Wall climbing for kids at the fun zone at in Singapore

Since my kids' first try at wall climbing somewhere in the east, I'd been searching for a wall climbing venue suitable for kids and more centralised in terms of location. So imagine my delight when I came across when searching online. I was immediately sold by pics of their cheery fun-looking thematic walls. Why, even I felt like having a go.

The thing with going somewhere with high expectations is that you could be setting yourself up for disappointment. But that was definitely not the case at - their fun zone thematic walls even exceeded our expectations. Here's five reasons why we think's fun zone rocks:

1) New and centralised location is relatively new having just opened early this year. It's located centrally at 464 Crawford Lane in the Lavender area facing North Bridge Road.

If you are driving, there is a small outdoor car park at Crawford Lane you can park at. It is in fact located next to Block 466 where Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles is, the 1-star Michelin Bak Chor Mee which attracts super long queues, well, just so you know.

It's closest MRT station would be Lavender Station, which is a 8-10 minutes walk away from the venue. is spacious and its bright colours at the climbing fun zone is extremely appealing with its bright colours. Really love the high windows which let natural light in and its large sitting area.

Sitting area

2) At least 20 thematic walls

Before you're allowed to roam free and climb, there is a safety briefing for both kids and accompanying adults. There are instructors on hand but it’s recommended that there is at least one adult to supervise every two kids. Kids will learn how to clip and unclip their safety harness in the briefing. It’s pretty easy and Little E, aged seven, understood and could do so herself, but close to the end after draining all her energy from the climbing, she did find it a little tough to clip/unclip her harness.'s thematic wall fun zone is suitable for children from 4 years old and up with minimum weight of 15 kg, even adults can try these out too. We counted at least 20 thematic walls at the fun zone, which is plenty for your kid to try. The walls have varying degrees of difficulties. Big E, age nine, could manage a number of the walls easily and scaled to the top for some like this 'transparent' wall where two can climb opposite each other at the same time...

Wall climbing for kids at the fun zone at in Singapore
Transparent wall

This racing wall, where you can have a competition with your friends to see who gets to the top first...

Wall climbing for kids at the fun zone at in Singapore
Racing wall

and this race car wall.

Wall climbing for kids at the fun zone at in Singapore
Race car wall

But she found the crates and Rubik's Cubes a little difficult, as well as some that had narrower holds.

Wall climbing for kids at the fun zone at in Singapore
Only got to the top of the ladder at the tree!

Little E, age seven, took time to warm up, climbing only to half of most of the walls. But she has friends of her age who are really quite gung-ho on climbing walls, so I'm sure some seven-year olds, or even six-year-olds, could scale these wallss.

But somehow she made it looked effortless!

Btw don’t be mistaken from our pictures that it’s this quiet all the time. Yes we practically had the whole place to ourselves but it’s only because we were there on a school-specific holiday. The place gets more crowded on weekends but we understand from the staff there the weekend crowd is still manageable.

3) Fun obstacle course

Another really nice one at the fun zone is this obstacle course called Leap-of-faith which involves stepping up eleven beams. The girls were initially a little daunted, and wasn’t able to climb to the highest beam. But a few tries later, they were going on it again and again.

Wall climbing for kids at the fun zone at in Singapore

4) Kids boulder wall

There's a kids boulder wall called Monkey Boulder Wall, which you climb across and don't need harnesses for. There is a separate top-up of $5 for this. We didn't go for it as the kids were having too much fun on the climbing walls but we'll try it another time.

5) Worthwhile packages

Now, what's the price of fun? For non-members, entrance fee for the fun zone is at $30 for 90 minutes. 90 minutes of climbing is really quite enough for my kids. They were exhausted at the end of it, but said they definitely wanted to go back again.

There is a multi-pass option where you get five visits at $130, which is really worthwhile. There's a high chance your kids, like mine, will be badgering to return to given how fun it is.

Another worthwhile option is to take up its membership. It includes two complimentary visits and a free entry on your birthday month every year. You also get discounted per entry member rates.

Climbing shoes are included in the entrance fee, so just remember to bring or wear socks!

Bonus tips for your trip:

- The outdoor car park at Crawford Lane is quite small and we hear that its often full. The next nearest and bigger car park would be diagonally across the road at Golden Beach Vista, 13 North Bridge Road.

- has promos every now and then, like earlier in June when they had a special holiday special at $19 for students for their thematic fun walls so do follow them on their Facebook page for the latest promos and updates on closures for events.

Find at 464 Crawford Lane, Singapore 190464 or contact them at 9832 7656. Opening hours are at 5pm to 10pm on Mondays, 10am to 10pm on Tuesday-Friday and

10am to 8pm on Saturday-Sunday and public holidays.

Disclaimer: We paid for our visit, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.

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