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  • Vivian Teo

Taking your kid to Aqua Adventure at HomeTeamNS Bedok? Here are 10 things to know

With a mix of exciting and challenging activities, Aqua Adventure at HomeTeamNS Bedok Singapore makes for a fun day out for the whole family.

Aqua adventure Hometeamns Bedok Singapore indoor water park adventure centre

I finally got to writing this post on Aqua Adventure at HomeTeamns NS Bedok Reservoir Singapore after visiting it the last school holiday. We had seen pictures of Aqua Adventure when it was opened last year and the activities looked like those my girls would enjoy. I thought tickets are a tad expensive but I like that it's fully sheltered, which means it's a place you can go rain or shine.

After visiting, we thought the activities there are enjoyable and good fun for the whole family. But the place is quite small, so after repeating the activities a couple of times, my girls got a little bored. That said, I'm still glad we visited though it might be a place we'd go for just once for the novelty.

Anyway, if you're planning to go to Aqua Adventure, here are the things you need to know:

1) What's at Aqua Adventure?

There are 6 main attractions at Aqua Adventure.

i) Double Trouble Slide

Aqua adventure Hometeamns Bedok Singapore indoor water park adventure centre

Said to be the longest indoor water slide in Singapore, this green slide is the most thrilling slide at Aqua Adventure. You can choose to go alone on a single floatie or take a double tube to go with a buddy. This slide is relatively fast with lots of turns!

ii) Black Hole Slide

This red slide called the Black Hole Slide is an exciting one where you slide down in pitch darkness, though there is some light at certain lighter-coloured parts of the tube. No floats required for this!

iii) Laze Pool

Aqua adventure Hometeamns Bedok Singapore indoor water park adventure centre

This is a 1.2m deep pool. It is not huge but nice to chill at, especially if you can use one of the floating platforms there. Games like Captain's Ball are organised at certain timings at the pool which you can join in if you like.

iv) Aqua Course

Aqua adventure Hometeamns Bedok Singapore indoor water park adventure centre

This is an obstacle course similar to obstacle courses at X-scap8 and Nerf Action Experience except there is water pouring on you every now and then. It may look daunting doing this at a height and under wet conditions but my girls (11 and 13 years old) who love obstacle courses said it was comparable to the obstacle courses they had been on and they didn't find it particularly scary.

v) Scramble Net

Aqua adventure Hometeamns Bedok Singapore indoor water park adventure centre

This is another obstacle course or Ninja Warrior like obstacle course with nets, tunnels and platforms. My girls said this was a bit challenging as it was not easy to navigate the nets and swings, but it's definitely a good workout!

vi) Clockwork Towers

Aqua adventure Hometeamns Bedok Singapore indoor water park adventure centre

There are 5 climbing walls at Clockwork Towers and they are right up my girls' alley as they love wall climbing. The most challenging of the walls is the one with the gears as its not easy to get a good grip and foothold. That said, my girls were still up for the challenge and they tried these walls a couple of times.

Overall there is a good mix of activities at Aqua Adventure and my girls enjoyed Aqua Course and the slides the most!

2) What age is Aqua Adventure suitable for?

There is no minimum age requirement but there is a minimum height requirement of 1.25 metres, a minimum weight of 30 kg and a maximum weight of 120kg for participants. Children under 12 years old need to be accompanied by an adult.

If your kid enjoys wall climbing and obstacle courses, then this is definitely suitable for them. If not, they might end up only playing at the pool and at the two slides, which is not a lot to do for them.

3) How much does it cost?

Prices vary according to whether you're a HomeTeamNS member or affiliate member (Safra/PAssion), and whether you're going on a weekday or weekend. There are also discounts if you purchase tickets for 2 (Duo Pass) or a group of 5 (Five-O Pass) at the HomeTeamNS Aqua Adventure website. At the time of writing, the cheapest ticket is at S$36.33 per pax if you get the Five-O Pass and are a HometeamNS member. Prices go up to S$68.63 for non-members during the weekend.

Do note that if only one person in your group is a HomeTeamNS or Safra/PAssion member and you are not purchasing the Duo Pass or Five-O Pass, the other non-members in your group will need to pay the guest rate.

If you're not a HomeTeamNS member, tickets can be cheaper at Klook which is at S$51.79 for a weekday ticket at the time of writing. As there were 3 in our group, it worked out to be cheaper for us to get a Duo Pass and a separate pass at Klook. So do your math first by checking the HomeTeamNS Aqua Adventure website for its price list to see what's more worthwhile for your group!

4) How much time do you get to spend there?

Your ticket is for one session and there are two sessions: 10am–3pm and 4pm– 9pm. You'll need to choose your session when booking your tickets.

5) Does it get crowded?

We were there on a weekday during school holidays and it felt rather crowded as there was also a company excursion then. After the company excursion ended, there were less than 10 visitors there including ourselves. So generally I don't think it's crowded on weekdays, unless there happens to be group excursions on the day you're there.

Aqua adventure Hometeamns Bedok Singapore indoor water park adventure centre

6) Is it necessary to book tickets ahead?

You can get tickets at the door but entry will be subjected to capacity limit. I understand from a staff that it might still be alright to buy tickets at the door on a weekday but for weekends, Aqua Adventure can reach full capacity. So, I guess if you're going on a weekend or public holiday, it would be better to buy tickets ahead. That said, Aqua Adventure advises that it's better to check ticket availability online at its website before going as they may be prior bookings for events.

7) Is one session enough time to play?

If it's not crowded on a weekday, the 5 hours is more than enough. In fact, we left about 1-2 hours before our session ended as we had tried the activities so many times, my girls were getting bored. However, if you're going during the weekend, you'll probably need to queue for the activities, so 5 hours might be just right.

8) Can you exit and re-enter?

Yes, you can during your session. We headed out for lunch halfway through. So you can definitely go out for lunch/dinner and there are a number of nice eateries at HometeamNS Bedok, then return to continue your fun at Aqua Adventure! Do note that food consumption is not allowed at Aqua Adventure.

9) What to wear?

Aqua Adventure's attire requirement is slightly different from water parks. It says "wet attire" is allowed but no bikinis, one piece swimsuit, swimming trunks and you can't be bare-bodied. One-piece swimsuits need to be paired with shorts/tights. Do see Aqua Adventure's FAQ for more details on attire requirement.

Do note that wet shoes are required at Aqua Course, Scramble Net and Clockwork Towers, and they are provided at the activity area. However, if you do not want to wear the shared footwear, you can bring your own wet shoes.

10) Are there shower area/lockers?

Yes, there is a shower area there but it is quite small with not many cubicles. So if you're going on a weekend, I'm guessing there might be quite a queue for the shower area if most people leave near the end of the session. Lockers are provided with your ticket.

Here's a video of the highlights at Aqua Adventure:

Aqua Adventure is located at HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir, Unit 02-06, 900 Bedok North Rd, Singapore 479994. It is open 10am-3pm and 4pm-9pm, Tuesday–Sunday,

eve of public holidays, public holidays & school holidays. It is closed on Mondays (excluding public holidays & school holidays).

Disclaimer: We paid for our tickets, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.



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