• Vivian Teo

Singapore Writers Festival 2021

I'm thrilled to be a featured speaker at the Singapore Writers Festival 2021!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know the Singapore Writers Festival 2021 is happening 5-14 November and I'm thrilled to be a featured speaker at the event 🤗.

Author Debbi Michiko Florence and I would be sharing in our 7 November session - Friendship: The Real Unsinkable Ship - how we capture the trials and tribulations of growing up and portray strong relationships and friendships that keep readers emotionally invested. The session will be moderated by the amazing Melanie Lee.

Personally, I look forward to the literary event every year as it's a wonderful opportunity to hear from and interact with local and international writers and creative talents. There are also quite a number of talks, workshops and storytelling sessions suitable for children 😉. Many of the sessions are held online this year - some are free, some require festival passes which cost only $20-35 per pass and one pass allows you to attend all, if not most of the sessions. Early bird tickets are available till 8 October but do register early for the sessions as slots are limited! More information available at the SWF website!

Hope to see y'all at SWF 2021! 😊

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