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My BFF Is an Alien series by Vivian Teo

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The books I wrote and and where to get them.

My BFF Is an Alien series

Meet Abriana Yeo, 13, awkward and friendless. Meet Octavia Wu, a graceful teenage alien with superpowers. Forced to flee her home planet Viridis after an invasion by "The Others", another alien species, Octavia and her parents crash-land in the Singapore heartland.

Behind the adventure, mystery and sci-fi, this middle-grade series explores the pertinent issues that teenagers typically deal with in a local school setting—friendship, loyalty, CCAs, homework and bullies. There is also no shortage of excitement and intrigue in this sci-fi and adventure. This four-book series is recommended for children aged 9 and above.

Book 1

Pretending to be a foreign student, Octavia enters secondary one and befriends Abriana, who then helps her in her quest to find the Anteris, a missing element the alien family needs if they want to return to Viridis to help in the war effort. All the while, the two girls also need to navigate the intricate web of teenage drama at Bukit Timah Secondary Girls’ School (BTSGS), where mean girls thwart their search efforts every step of the way.

Available at: Epigram Books, Huggs-Epigram Books Coffee Bookshop; POPULAR; Times Bookstores; Kinokuniya; BooksActually; Goguru; Amazon.sg

E-book available at: Faris Books; Amazon.com


Third prize winner of 2020 POPULAR Readers' Choice Awards' English (Children) category

Praise for My BFF Is an Alien book 1:

"An imaginative and enjoyable story about friendship and standing up for yourself. After reading this book, you'll wish you had an alien BFF too!"

—Low Ying Ping, bestselling author of the Mount Emily series

"Really well-written, with great nuggets of descriptive vocabulary. The alien BFF is certainly not what you'd expect of a typical extraterrestrial."

—Lyn Lee, Lil Blue Bottle blog

"The book keeps readers going with constant action and adventures...the heartwarming read is relatable to all, especially those who have had to face bullying and trouble fitting in."

Little Day Out

"It’s easy to get hooked and binge read My BFF Is An Alien in a single sitting, not just for its very manageable length, but also how it dives straight into the girls’ quest and keeps up the pace for the rest of the novel. Less than 40 pages in, and the two are already off on an islandwide adventure ... that will spark the imaginations of any Singaporean resident."



Sabotage (book 2)

The Viridians have won the war and Octavia keeps her promise to Abriana and returns to Singapore. This time she’s accompanied by a trusted General who’s tasked to ensure that Octavia—the future ruler of Viridis—is safe. When the two BFFs are together, things don’t stay calm for long. In the sequel, a chance encounter with a wild boar is captured on video by a mysterious stranger and the footage ends up on the internet... and goes viral! Who is responsible and can the BFFs get the video down before Octavia’s alien roots are revealed?

Available at: Epigram Books, Huggs-Epigram Books Coffee Bookshop; POPULAR; Times Bookstores; Kinokuniya; GoGuru; BooksActually; Amazon.sg;

E-book available at: Faris Books; Amazon.com


Finalist for the Singapore Book Awards 2021's Best Young Persons Title category

Praise for Sabotage:

"Vivian writes clearly and emphatically to her tween/teen audience and she employs quite a few hooks in the plot that keep the reader moving. I think this schoolgirl genre really works, in keeping stories so real and familiar yet with that extra twist."

—Hwee Goh, Hwee's Book Share Club

"I liked how Vivian weaved in the topic of social media and used it as a teaching point for readers who are still learning how to navigate the platform safely and the perils if misused."

—Susan Koh, A Juggling Mom blog

"An inspiring and encouraging story of 2 bff, that even my boys read with delight."

Growing Hearts 123 blog

"This middle grade series will appeal to readers who love mystery, and I think many girls will be able to relate to Abri’s friendship woes. I thought that the books handled the typical friendship problems very well, without being obviously preachy."

Reading with the Tans


Turbulence (book 3)

Secondary Three is turning out to be a great year for Abriana and Octavia. Abri’s standing at BTSGS receives a boost after she wins a major writing competition, and Octavia’s a rising star in the school’s tennis team. But when the BFFs encounter a strange waterspout—part of a barrage of severe weather events happening around the world—the girls suspect The Others are responsible. But their investigation is hampered by an accident that reignites a feud with the mean girls, while a schoolgirl crush threatens to cause a rift between the best friends.

Available at: Epigram Books, Huggs-Epigram Books Coffee Bookshop; Kinokuniya; POPULAR; BooksActually; Amazon.sg

Praise for Turbulence:

"Teenage life is very real in here. It realistically portrays the ups and downs of every friendship, and how friends are not bound by any ‘friendship rules’ to share every secret...This is another thrilling and exciting book with unexpected twists and turns!"

Mum's Calling blog

"Fans of the My BFF is an Alien book series would love this latest instalment...Intense yet totally believable, the schoolgirl dynamics are captured convincingly and empathetically."

—Lyn Lee, Lil Blue Bottle blog

"Throw in some social media snafus and the stage is set for an adolescent drama with very funny lines in relief...I spy a buildup to the next book due out in 2022!"

—Hwee Goh, Hwee's Book Share Club