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Fancy climbing an AR wall for just S$5? You can now for a limited time at

Fancy climbing an augmented reality wall for just S$5? Here's how you can do so at - but it's for a limited time only!

thall T-hall Singapore wall climbing children kids rock boulder activities AR augmented reality games

We were recently back at one of our favourite wall climbing venues in Singapore -! Our girls (age eight and ten) love T-hall's Fun Zone which has at least 20 thematic walls that make for fun climbs for children and adults.

It must have been about a year since we last visited T-hall's Fun Zone and we were pleasantly surprised to hear during our visit last week that there's now an augmented reality wall - known as the AR Zone - at T-hall! The last time we tried out an AR wall was at Climbers Laboratory which, unfortunately, is now closed. But I remember the kids having lots of fun with it!

Now with paid entry to T-hall's Fun Zone, you can just top up $5 per participant to have access to the AR Zone during your session at the Fun Zone! But only until end of this year. After that, normal charges will apply (see below).

What do you do at AR walls, you say? Before going to Climbers Laboratory I used to think AR climbing walls are just about hitting objects on the wall but it's actually a lot more fun and interactive than that. There are plenty of games you can choose from at the AR wall but here are a few of the games we played:

This one is an individual game where you have to navigate your way across 'electricity' to hit the end button. If any part of your body or clothing touches the 'electricity', you get 'zapped' and you lose.

Or fancy a 'football' session?

Whack a bat?

Pop some bubbles?

Shoo some 'shadowlings' to the 'light'?

After the promotion period, charges for a 30-minute session (up to 6 participants per scheduled time slot) on the AR wall will be at $33 for the public and $27 for T-hall members. You can also purchase entry for the Fun Zone and AR Zone at $58 for the public and $48 for members.

I think booking the AR Zone by session makes for a great bonding experience for the whole family. I see my kids working together to play the games, and I can imagine it being really fun for the whole family when you work together or challenge each other in the games.

With the current $5 promotion, you have access to the AR zone during your session at the Fun Zone. So you will have to share the wall with others who have also topped up to climb the AR wall. But there weren't too many waiting to try out the AR wall when we were there on a Friday school holiday afternoon and most kids there were gracious enough to play a round or two (which can last from seconds to a few minutes per round) and return to queue for the AR wall or head to the Fun Zone walls.

Our kids attention were also taken up mostly by the Fun Zone walls but the AR Zone was a nice variety to have, and also a good way to let your kids try it out before booking a half-hour session for the whole family.

Fun Zone

thall T-hall Singapore wall climbing children kids rock boulder activities AR augmented reality games

Each session at the Fun Zone is for 1.5 hours and costs $30 for the public and $24 for members. You can also get the Fun Zone multi-pass at $130 for 5 visits. As I had already reviewed T-hall's Fun Zone previously, I won't go into details as the walls haven't changed much. But overall you can expect at least 20 super cute walls to scale at the Fun Zone.

thall T-hall Singapore wall climbing children kids rock boulder activities AR augmented reality games

It also has an exciting obstacle course called the Leap-of-faith.

thall T-hall Singapore wall climbing children kids rock boulder activities AR augmented reality games
Climb up the beams at the Leap-of-faith

This kids boulder wall, which previously had a separate charge, is now included in the Fun Zone.

thall T-hall Singapore wall climbing children kids rock boulder activities AR augmented reality games
Kids boulder wall

Other than having really enticing cute walls, I love how cheery and well-lit T-hall is. Its centralised location at Crawford Lane in the Lavender area is also a plus. Whether you want to try out the AR walls or not, its Fun Zone walls are definitely worth taking your kids for a visit!

Bonus tips for your trip:

- There is a limited capacity of 20 for each session at the Fun Zone due to COVID-19 restrictions. You'll need to pre-book at T-hall's website. If you are accompanying your kids at the Fun Zone but not climbing, you'll still need to book a spot for yourself (but you don't have to pay for yourself of course). Note that a ratio of one adult to two kids is allowed at the Fun Zone but there is a sitting area outside the Fun Zone where you can wait at.

- When climbing, you don't have to wear face masks, which is what most of the kids chose to do when we were at the Fun Zone. My kids preferred to wear their masks but after 45 minutes of strenuous climbing, it felt too hot and they had to remove their masks.

- The Fun Zone is suitable for children from 4 years old and up with minimum weight of 15 kg. Adults are welcomed too.

- Climbing shoes are provided. Just remember to wear/bring socks!

- There are instructors on hand but it’s recommended that there is at least one adult to supervise every two kids. Kids will learn how to clip and unclip their safety harness before climbing. It’s pretty easy for children but close to the end after draining all her energy from the climbing, my younger girl did find it a little tough to clip/unclip her harness.

- The lifetime membership at T-hall looks to be a good deal. It costs $60 and includes 2 complimentary passes and and 1 free pass on member's birthday month.

- T-hall is located at 464 Crawford Lane, Singapore 190464. The outdoor car park at Crawford Lane is quite small and often full. The next nearest and bigger car park would be diagonally across the road at Golden Beach Vista, 13 North Bridge Road.

Disclaimer: We paid for our tickets, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.

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