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Stay-home BreadTalk cake decorating activity

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Our kids had a ball of a time decorating these toilet roll-shaped ROFL cakes from BreadTalk Singapore!

Breadtalk Singapore cake decorating decorate kids delivery

I haven't posted about our family fun for a while given that we haven't been out and about since earlier this year when we've been advised to stay home because of the virus situation. I finally got to posting some family fun activities at home (other than the books we've been reading!) after we got these cakes and its decorating kits. Not that we haven't been having fun at home, but my kids had mainly been busy with simple things like reading, drawing, Lego building, pretend play - no fancy toys or things needed to keep them occupied which really makes me very thankful they are so low maintenance in this aspect 😁.

But these cakes, I had to get them! Pre-circuit breaker times, whenever we walked by The Icing Room (part of BreadTalk I believe), my kids would always be awed their lovely cakes and cute cake decorations. I told them we would decorate a cake there one day when there's a birthday. But amid the many distractions and endless activities, we never got to it and then CB happened.

So when we saw this ROFL cake shaped like a toilet roll from BreadTalk Singapore's online store in so many IG posts and stories, we had to get it! Priced at $11.60, you can add on $2 for the basic decorating kit (5 piping cream and 4 edible decorations) or $3 for the deluxe kit which is basic kit plus 2 more decorations. Quite happy with the basic kit as I think too many decorations will make it a little gaudy!

Breadtalk Singapore cake decorating decorate kids delivery
Pre-decorated cake and decorating kit

I mulled if I could just order one decorating kit for two cakes but on a friend's advice I didn't because the piping cream quantity is pretty small and just enough for one cake. So yup, get one cake, one kit please!

This activity kept the kids happily entertained for an hour! Big E, who will turn 10 this year, was pretty chilled decorating her cake into a Pokemon-themed cake. But Little E, turning 8 this year, was more finicky with her work and got upset when she smudged the cream or the design didn't turn out the way she wanted. So if you have little ones who are perfectionists, be warned!

Breadtalk Singapore cake decorating decorate kids delivery
Decorating a Pokemon/Pokeball-themed cake

Nonetheless, they were both happy with their final creations, especially when everyone oohed and aahed at their masterpieces.

Breadtalk Singapore cake decorating decorate kids delivery
Big E's creation

So pretty in fact, we still can't bear to cut and eat them, so I can't report on the taste 😆. But am expecting them to be good anyway, BreadTalk's cake and buns seldom disappoint.

Breadtalk Singapore cake decorating decorate kids delivery
Little E's creation

But this ROFL cake is only for a limited time, so if you want it, better hurry! Free delivery from BreadTalk if you order at least $30, which is really not hard to hit if you buy some buns for next day's breakfast. There's only one delivery slot which is 11am-7pm but I'm pretty impressed they could deliver the next day and we got ours at 1pm!

I'm hoping after this limited time offering, the usual plain white fondant cake will be available for purchase with the decorating kits. It would give even more room for creativity, I feel.

Guess we shouldn't always wait till there's a special occasion to buy or decorate a cake eh? The days spent with my kids, especially during this CB period, is already special enough to celebrate with cake 😊

What other stay-home activities have you and your kids been busy with? 😉

Disclaimer: We paid for our purchases, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.


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