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Ordering in from Singapore's Hong Kong Zhai House of Dim Sum

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

The quality and reasonably-priced dim sum from Hong Kong Zhai House of Dim Sum are a hit with everyone at home, even the little picky-eaters!

My family grew up eating dim sum and one of my favourite childhood memories is dining with my parents and siblings at restaurants that serve dim sum on pushcart trolleys. These days, we seldom eat dim sum as our kids prefer other cuisines and with covid-19, I'm wary of taking my parents out for dim sum (not that we'll all be able to sit at one table 😆).

Frankly speaking, I find restaurant dim sum is not the cheapest dining options. I had searched a few restaurants that were delivering dim sum so as to try those we hadn't tried before but I either found the variety ho hum (some only had limited sets for delivery) or they were really expensive. So in the end, we went back to Hong Kong Zhai House of Dim Sum which we had ordered before and enjoyed, and found very reasonably priced in comparison. (Btw I seldom write food posts but I know like us many people are still ordering in and this is too good not to share!)

Anyway, on to the food. You can order a la carte items from its online menu where majority of items cost less than $5 each or you can order the very good value party sets, which caters from 3 to 30 pax. Rather than order the set for 8-10 pax (I tend to order a bit more so we have some leftovers for lunch the next day 😋), we ordered two of its family sets where each set at S$41.80 caters for 3-4 pax. The reason for doing so is because I wanted variety over quantity. You are allowed to change two items in each set (out of the eight items in the set), meaning by ordering two family sets and changing two items in each set, I get 12 different items. This is the list of items in the family set (before item changes):

Hong Kong Zhai family set menu

We are pleased to say that every item in this list was delicious. Below are the steamed items - siew mai, chicken bundled with yam and carrot, beancurd skin roll and shrimp dumplings. We particularly love the shrimp dumplings for its fresh tangy prawns and the chicken bundled with yam and carrot - something new to us - which was tender and flavourful.

Prawn dumplings, siew mai, chicken bundled with yam and carrot, and beancurd roll

Also from the list are these fried items - fried carrot cake (not too oily) and fried shrimp dumpling (very crispy skin and fresh prawns).

Fried prawn dumplings and fried carrot cake

My girls are rather pick-eaters and not big on vegetables but they love these chives dumplings. Hubby and I are not fans of red bean but we couldn't get enough of the crispy banana red bean paste.

Chives dumpling and crispy banana and red bean pastry

Egg tarts are also must-haves when having dim sum and these were equally good with their flaky buttery crust and smooth sweet tart centres.

Egg tarts

The triangular yam pastry and rectangular char siew sor (BBQ pork pastry) below are the items we had changed for - both had very fragrant crusts and rich fillings. The two round buns you see there are Polo char siew buns which I had ordered extra for the kids. They weren't big on char siew in buns so the adults gladly ate them.

Yam pastry, BBQ pork pastry and polo char siew buns

We also changed for a steamed char siew rice roll and ordered an extra steamed prawn rice roll. We'll probably only order the prawn variety the next time round, not because the char siew version wasn't good, but we found the prawns really fresh and paired really well with the soft rice rolls and salty sauce.

Steamed prawn and char siew rice rolls

There are another two items we'd forgo the next time, which is the BBQ pork buns and phoenix claw (chicken feet), not that they weren't tasty but we found them quite ordinary and there are more delicious items to order.

Hong Kong Zhai operates out of it's central kitchen in Bedok North, so you can't actually dine there. But it delivers at $15 per trip. We found that a little expensive, so we had picked up our food instead. The online website charges you for delivery when you order, but you can indicate that you would like to pick up the food, and upon confirmation of order, the delivery fee will be refunded to your credit card.

Btw this is not a sponsored post, okay? We really found Hong Kong Zhai to be one of the cheapest quality dim sum available for delivery. Even my two picky eaters who are not big on dim sum enjoyed the meal.

We're really still quite wary of dining out even during the current phase two reopening in Singapore so we've still got a whole list of eateries we are looking forward to ordering in from. Till the next food post, stay safe and vigilant with hygiene okay? 😄

Disclaimer: We paid for our food, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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