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(UPDATED) Taking the kids to Skyline Luge Sentosa? Here are 10 things to know

Once is indeed never enough on the exciting Skyline Luge at Sentosa Singapore!

Luge Sentosa Siloso Beach Singapore kids activities karting kart skyride

Updated: 15 Dec 2022

(Updated throughout with latest info, deleted outdated info)

We visited The Luge again this December school holiday and it was still as fun as our trip a year ago. We had planned to be there on a Monday early afternoon but we could only go for the rides in the evening as it was closed due to adverse weather. I've updated my post below from a year ago accordingly.

Also just a note that some friends had told me it was a different experience to ride the Luge during the evening. I'll have to agree with that. It was lovely seeing the sunset from the Skyride and the lights on parts of the tracks also made our evening ride rather special.

luge sentosa skyride sunset kids activities singapore

Original post: 17 Dec 2021

Having hear so many good reviews from friends, we have been wanting to take the girls to Skyline Luge Sentosa for the longest time! Well, after finally getting to it this school holiday, I have to say we were not disappointed!

The Luge rides were very exciting and the Skyride - the chair-lift or ski-lift or gondola that takes you from Siloso Beach up to Imbiah Lookout for the start of the luge ride - was enjoyable, too, with the amazing view you get on the way.

Here's our review and 10 things to know if you're taking your kids to Skyline Luge Sentosa!

1) What is it?

The Skyline Luge is much like karting except for this one at Sentosa, it is a three-wheeled kart that you steer downhill.

Luge Sentosa Siloso Beach Singapore kids activities karting kart skyride

There are four tracks to go on at the Luge ride - you can choose which to go to when you've started your ride by following the signs. Actually we couldn't really see any huge differences in the tracks - they do merge at some points but my kids noted that the Dragon Trail feels longer while the Expedition Trail has more exciting curved roads!

The Luge ride starts at Imbiah Lookout. You can drive or take the Sentosa Express to reach the starting point but your ticket comes with the Skyride, so can also take the Skyride from Siloso Beach all the way up to Imbiah Lookout. Alternatively, Luge down to Siloso Beach then take the Skyride up to Imbiah Lookout. The view from the Skyride is amazing, by the way!

Just note that it's a really chop-chop affair when you get on and off the Skyride as it does not slow down. Once you're on the platform, make sure you move fast to be properly seated and ready for the attendant to lock down the safety ledge on the ride. When you reach your destination, move fast as well to get off the platform as the Skyride does not stop or slow down for disembarking either!

Luge Sentosa Siloso Beach Singapore kids activities karting kart skyride

2) How long does it take for the rides?

I estimate each Luge track takes less than five minutes to complete. The Skyline Luge website estimates it takes 15-20 minutes to complete 1 Luge and 1 Skyride but it can take longer during school holidays and peak hours.

When we visited during the school holiday on a weekday, we took a total of two hours to complete four Luge rides and four Skyrides, including the time it took us to queue. The queues really moved quite fast and we only waited for about 5-10 minutes at the Luge and Skyride queues.

3) Any age and height limit?

To ride the Luge on your own you must be 6 years or over and taller than 110cm. For the Skyride, you need a minimum height of 85cm to ride with an adult and minimum height of 135cm to ride alone.

Luge Sentosa Siloso Beach Singapore kids activities karting kart skyride

4) How much does it cost?

Fixed-dated tickets cost $30, $33 and $39 per pax for 3, 4 and 5 Luge rides respectively from the Skyline Luge website. Tickets include the same number of Skyrides as well (3 Luge rides means 3 Skyrides). There is also off-peaks price for 3 and 4 rides valid 11am - 2pm on weekdays, excluding public and school holidays. Note that prices are slated to increase from 9 Jan 2023 onwards, according to the Skyline Luge's website.

Children under the age of 6 years or under the minimum height of 110cm can ride in tandem with a responsible adult. You'll need to purchase a 'Child Doubling' ticket for your child at $12 in addition to your own ticket. You're required to choose a timeslot when you book your tickets.

We had bought our tickets on Klook the first time we were there. The second time we were there, the tickets were slightly cheaper on the Luge's website but we hesitated to purchase the ticket online as the weather was looking iffy. After finding out that tickets on the website and buying at the ticketing counter are the same, we decided to see how the weather was and only purchase tickets when we reached there. The risk to this is if tickets are fully booked for the slot, we won't be able buy tickets on the spot for the slot. But I don't think this is a huge problem because when we checked it's online bookings in the morning before heading out, there were still plenty of tickets let.

I'd say go for at least four rides! Like it's tagline, once is really never enough!

5) What happens when it rains?

Operations will temporarily stop in the event of thunder and lightning, which was what happened when we were there. So we went for other activities at Sentosa while we waited for the Luge to reopen. The Luge's website has a status check which lets you see whether the park is open or close. So once we saw the website's park status is open, we went back to the Luge.

According to the website, guests who are unable to finish their rides due to park closure can revalidate their tickets at The Luge's website for another day, within 1 month from date of visit. You'll need to retain your Luge tickets for revalidation.

6) How crowded is it?

When we were there on a weekday early afternoon during school holidays, there were definitely quite a number of visitors though we had specifically booked a timing that still had many slots available. That said, the queues moved quite fast and we only waited for about 5-10 minutes each time we queued for the Luge and Skyride.

I noted this school holiday that the late afternoon and evening timeslots are quickly taken up. I suppose you can infer that these timings are probably more crowded and you'll have to be prepared to queue longer at such timings.

7) Can you take photos during the rides?

Yes, you can do so on the Skyride. Just make sure you hold on tight to your phones! When on the Luge tracks, you're not allowed to stop and take photos. You also have to have two hands on the steering to maneuver your Luge. So what I did was put my phone into a pouch (you know those people use in the pool?) hanging off my neck and that way, I managed to video our ride with a first person point-of-view!

The venue takes photos of riders on the track which you can purchase after your ride. Our Klook tickets came with digital photos. The first pic in this write-up is one of the pics we bought.

8) Is it for younger or older kids?

I think this is definitely something both kids and adults can enjoy - do take note of the height and age restrictions though. My kids who are 9 and 11 have no problems maneuvering the Luge and likewise for kids I saw who are younger. Maneuvering the Luge is straightforward you push the steering forward to 'GO' to move forward and pull back to break. It's not very scary for kids, too, as they're able to control the speed of the Luge and if you're slow, the faster drivers will simply overtake you.

9) What else to note?

You can choose to bring your helmet if you want as long as it is not a full-face helmet and your helmet has a strap for securing your helmet in place. But note that if you do not use their provided helmet, they would not be able to identify you if you want to buy photos taken during the ride as you need to scan your helmet to locate your photos.

When you are done with your rides, you have to return the provided helmets to "Used Helmet" bins located near the photo purchasing counters. However, I noted that the "Used Helmet" bins are not very obvious, and some people actually returned their used helmet to the new helmet bins which arriving visitors pick up before their rides. That's absolutely unhygienic as the helmets need to be cleaned in-between users! I had written to Skyline Luge about this and that they might need to put up signs to say the clean helmet bins are only for clean helmets and maybe make the "Used Helmet" bins more obvious.

I guess I'm not the only who have noticed this issue - I saw some people wearing hairnets and shower caps which we might also do so the same the next time we visit. Or even bring our own helmets if we are not purchasing photos!

(UPDATE: During our visit in Dec 2022, we noticed that disinfectants have been placed at the helmet bins. So now you can disinfect the helmets before wearing them. This really does set my mind at ease a bit over the issue above!)

Also, you might want to bring a small bag or haversack which you can carry over your shoulders and put between your legs when on the Luge, so you need not hire a locker to store a big bag.

10) Where is it located?

There are two entrances. The Imbiah Lookout entrance is at the top of the Skyride so you can Luge down the tracks and return via the Skyride. If you are taking the Sentosa Express, stop at Imbiah Station. The nearest carpark is the Imbiah Lookout carpark.

The Siloso Beach entrance - look out for the iFLY building, it's almost next to it - starts at the end of the Luge tracks so you can catch the Skyride to the top and Luge down. If you are taking the Sentosa Express, stop at Beach Station. The nearest carpark is the Beach carpark.

Luge Sentosa Siloso Beach Singapore kids activities karting kart skyride
Siloso Beach entrance

Where have you taken your kids to this school holiday? Do share with us in the comment box below!

Disclaimer: We paid for our tickets, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.



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