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10 must-knows before taking your kids to SuperPark Singapore

The fun games and activities at SuperPark Singapore make for great family outings!

superpark super park Singapore kids activities

We had heard a lot about SuperPark Singapore when it first opened in 2018 - it's super fun and a place the entire family can enjoy. But with the opening crowd and then the pandemic, we never got to visiting it till recently.

Despite safe management measures (SMM) at the park due to the pandemic, we still had lots of fun! If you're wondering if you should take the kids to SuperPark this holiday and what's play like at SuperPark with SMM in place during the pandemic, here's our review and 10 things to know before you visit!

1) What's fun?

There are over 20 activities at SuperPark. Here are those that my two girls (age nine and eleven) and I really enjoyed:

Pedal Car Track

Go two rounds at the pedal car track on large pedal bikes. There is no height restrictions for this but if your child is not big enough for the big pedal cars, there are smaller pedal cars and tricycles available too. We went quite a few rounds on this!

Trampoline Platform

Two trampoline stations were closed when we were there but my kids still got to go for quite a while on the available trampolines. They especially like the trampolines where you can jump then fall back on airbags! There is a minimum height requirement of 120cm for this activity.

Tube Slide

superpark super park Singapore kids activities

The tube slide starts off a little slow but picks up speed as you go down the hill! It might be a bit difficult for the younger ones to pull the rather heavy tube up the slope but it's all worthwhile as the slide down is pretty exciting! There is a minimum height requirement of 120cm for this activity.

Ninja Track

superpark super park Singapore kids activities

Be a ninja warrior by crossing three obstacle courses! The first two are pretty easy but the last is rather challenging - my kids had a hard time on it while I gave up halfway - but that didn't stop us from trying this a number of times! There is no height restriction for this activity.

Flying Fox

Zip off on this mini Flying Fox! It's neither very fast nor too high so younger kids are unlikely to find this daunting while at the same time, older kids can still enjoy this one. There is a minimum height requirement of 100cm for this activity.

Super Pinball

superpark super park Singapore kids activities

In this version of pinball, you kick the balls to hit scoreboards and accumulate points during play. We had a field day working as a team to try to score as high as we can during our session! There is no height restriction for this activity.

Super Hoop

Pretty much like basketball but you work as a team to accumulate as many points as you can during play. There is no height restriction for this activity.

Super Bowling

In this version of bowling, you can work together to roll the balls into the holes at the end. Reminded me of funfair fames - good old fun! There is no height restriction for this activity.

Augmented Climbing Wall

There are a few games you can choose to play at this augmented climbing wall. You can test your climbing skills while completing the challenges of the games, like this one where we have to hit the asteroids before they collide with Earth! There is no height restriction for this activity.


superpark super park Singapore kids activities

Okay, this is actually not easy for those who have never played baseball, even the staff told us so as the bat is pretty heavy, especially for kids. My kids could barely hit the balls served at them but at least it gave them the opportunity to try out the sport! There is a minimum height requirement of 140cm for this activity.

2) Is it more for younger or older kids?

SuperPark is really a place where the whole family can have fun, including adults. When my kids were younger and when we went to those indoor playgrounds, I'd basically sit on the sideline poking my phone. But at SuperPark, you can join in the fun and have a good family-bonding time!

But you'll see from above that there are height limits for certain activities. In summary, you need to be minimum 100cm for Archery, SuperClimb and Flying Fox; minimum 120cm for Trampoline Platform, Valo Jump, Obstacle Wall, Tube Slide and Skate & Scoot World; minimum height of 140cm for Baseball and Super Boxer (the latter was under maintenance when we were there). There are no height restrictions for other activities (we counted 13 off the Superpark website).

But that doesn't mean the younger ones have less to play. For instance, there is a kid's trampoline area for kids up to a maximum height of 120cm, a pretty large kid's gym for those up to 100cm in height (I forgot to take a pic of this but it looks to be a huge area for kids to climb and crawl around without having to worry about rowdy older kids!) and a playground structure called Kids' Adventure City without height restrictions (pic below).

superpark super park Singapore kids activities

3) How much time should you spend there?

Currently due to SMM, you get two hours of play with your tickets. I'd say two hours were just right for us though we did miss out on a few like Archery (there were always people there and we didn't want to wait), Super Climb and Skate & Scoot World (we didn't bring covered sports shoes! See below on what to bring!) but we more than made up for it by going a number of times on the activities my kids like!

Do note that stations will close five minutes before your session is up to allow you time to exit the park. For instance, we had to make our way out at 1225pm for our 1030am-1230pm session.

4) Was it crowded?

The Park was operating at 40% of capacity when we were there but as you know this can change with the government's COVID restrictions. It wasn't crowded at all when we were there on a weekday (the girls' school had ended a few days earlier before official term ends) and there were hardly any queues for the game stations. Sometimes there were just a few before us. But we heard from staff that weekends are more popular and there would usually be queues at the game stations.

I guess it's always best to visit on weekdays if you can as given that there is a 2-hour limit on play, you might not get to fully enjoy the Park if you had to waste time on queuing.

5) How much are tickets?

Tickets for those under 100cm are at $19.90, while those above 100cm are at $29.90 during weekdays, weekends, school holidays and public holidays. Student tickets for those under 21 years old are available at $24.90 on weekdays (non-school and public holidays). Tickets can be purchased on SuperPark's website.

Do note that those below 8 years old must be accompanied by a guardian aged 18 years and above with a regular ticket. Children one year and younger can enter for free. There are also multi visit passes which look to be good value if you intend to visit again in the future!

To score some discount on tickets, you can look out for sale at third party vendors. For instance, we bought our tickets at Klook. The prices are the same but we did get some discount via vouchers we claimed during Klook's 11.11 sale and we had some Klook credits too.

6) Is pre-booking required?

When you purchase your tickets on SuperPark's website, you'll have to book your visit date and two-hour session. If you purchased your ticket from third party vendors like Klook, you'll still need to go to SuperPark's website to book your visit date and timeslot.

7) What to bring?

SuperPark grip socks are required while you are in the park (no, you can't bring your own non-SuperPark grip socks!). Ticket price excludes grip socks which cost $3.50 per pair which you can purchase with your tickets or separately on SuperPark's website. Bring covered sports shoes, too, if you intend to try out Super Climb and Skate & Scoot World!

8) What to wear?

Athletics wear or gym outfit is recommended by the park for "optimum fun and comfort"! I was in stretchy jeans and tee - it was fine too!

9) What else to note before arrival?

The park recommends you fill up it's online waiver form before arrival so you don't waste time on such administrative matters when you arrive at the park. It's quite a straightforward process which you can do when you purchase your tickets and book your timeslots.

Also, the park recommends arriving 30 minutes earlier for check in. We arrived about 15-20 minutes before our booked timeslot of 1030am-1230pm. Check-in was pretty fast as most people seem to have gotten all their waivers and tickets purchased. After changing into our socks and depositing our bags in lockers (locker rental is included in your tickets), we still managed to enter the Park about five minutes before our booked timeslot.

Do check the latest COVID restrictions and the Park's SMM on their website before you go. As the restrictions can change anytime with government announcements, you'll need to know the allowed group pax at the Park. It was a maximum of two per group when we were there but children 12 years and below from the same household are allowed to tag along in the party of two. Only vaccinated adults are allowed into the Park at the time of writing.

10) Where is it located?

SuperPark is located at 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall, #02-477 (North Wing)

Singapore 038983. If you are driving, park at the "North Wing" carpark at Suntec.

Opening hours are at 10:30am – 8:00pm on weekdays; 10:30am – 9:30pm for the first Friday of every month; 9:00am – 9:00pm on weekends/public holidays/school holidays.

What other fun places are your intending to visit this school holiday? Let us know in the comment box below!

Disclaimer: We paid for our tickets, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.



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