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We are taking preorders for My BFF Is an Alien: Deception!

Epigram Books is now taking preorders for My BFF Is an Alien: Deception! Read on for more details and Deception's book trailer!

My BFF Is an Alien book series prequel Deception Vivian Teo middle grade Singapore Singlit children
Photo: Epigram Books

Epigram Books is now taking preorders for My BFF Is an Alien: Deception! There's a 10% discount during the preorder period and all preorders will be signed. To get a personalised autograph, leave a note at checkout 😉 Order now from Epigram Books! Orders are expected to be fulfilled by early November.

This is the last book of the much-loved My BFF Is an Alien series - a riveting prequel that looks into Octavia’s origins in Viridis:

Primed to become Viridis’s future leader, the young Octavia Wuen must prove she is up to the task by winning the planet’s biggest event—the Quaturs Games. But new alliances get tested when the Games take a bad turn and the arrival of hostile beings threatens the planet’s survival.

Why preorder?

Having bought books with authors' personalised autographs as gifts and seen the surprised look of children receiving them, I can assure you, a book with a personalised message from its author is one of the best gifts ever 😊 Also reason why I spend at least an hour at my publisher's whenever I sign preorders - I want to make sure I get everything right for the recipients.

Do note that I can only personalise autographs for Deception and other books of the series during this preorder period. I get requests for signed copies and personalised autographs every now and then, but whether I can do so depends on whether I happen to be going to my publisher's (which is not very often) and I do feel bad when I can't accede to every request cos I know it means something to the reader. So, please try to order during the preorder period if you want your books autographed, ok? 🙏

Some of you have asked if this is the fastest way to get Deception - yes it is, because once the stocks arrive at Epigram, I'd signed them asap and they would be sent out immediately thereafter. And I can say from past experiences, we work at record speed on this 😁 Some time is still needed for the books to be distributed to bookstores, so yes, preordering will be the fastest way to get it 😊

And on when does preorder ends, it depends on when stocks arrive at Epigram. Once they do, preorders will close quite soon after, so it'd better to order sooner than later!

A big thank you to those who have preordered! 🙏 Enjoy the book trailer below! 😁

Disclaimer: My opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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