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My BFF Is an Alien: Deception book cover reveal!

Book cover reveal of Deception, the prequel to My BFF Is an Alien!

My BFF Is an Alien prequel Deception Vivian Teo Epigram Books Singapore middle grade children books Singlit
Photo: Epigram Books Jul-Dec 2022 Catalogue

My BFF Is an Alien: Deception book cover reveal! I so so so love the book cover by Ng Min Min with Octavia front and centre! 🥰

This prequel of the series - set on planet Viridis and told from Octavia's perspective - starts off about a year before the story began in the 1st BFF book. Octavia joins a new school where she befriends kids, whom like her, are gifted with special powers. They participate in the Quaturs Games - a high-profile sporting event - but as stakes in the Games rise, Octavia has to cautiously navigate her friendship with this elite group of students while questioning her own loyalties and beliefs.

The idea of a first prequel came to me when I was working on Turbulence and Invasion. I had thought, while the series had given readers glimpses of Viridis, wouldn't it be fun if readers could visit Viridis and see what it's like to live there? As Viridis is a high-tech and environmentally-friendly planet with beautiful natural landscapes, I really put a lot of thought into building this alien world. So expect a super fun and action-packed story with loads of epic scenes 😎 BTW, the page count in the catalogue states "216", that's about 40 pages longer than the earlier BFF books!

I'm also very grateful for the opportunity to introduce Deception at Epigram Books' Stories About Stories on Friday. This is a twice yearly showcase where Epigram authors share with industry stakeholders their upcoming titles. So it's just 3 more months before the prequel of My BFF Is an Alien meets the world. I can't wait for all of you to visit Viridis and go on an adventure with Octavia! Will keep all of you posted when pre-orders start 😁

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