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Ordering in from Morganfield's Singapore

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

The 20% discount promo for Morganfield's already good value family bundle makes a good time to order the Singapore restaurant's flavourful ribs.

Okay, before you think that my blog has turned into a food blog, just let me say that we're ordering in quite a bit as we aren't dining out yet - somehow I still don't feel comfortable dining in restaurants where people eat and talk without their face masks on😅. But that's a whole different story because today, we are here to talk about the yummy ribs from Morganfield's which you can have them delivered to your home!

We had done takeaway from Morganfield's at VivoCity a few years ago and everyone at home was full of praise for their ribs. But honestly, restaurant ribs can be expensive and red meat is not the healthiest, so we don't actually eat this often. But when I saw there is a 20% discount this October for the restaurant's already good value family bundle, I knew it was time to revisit Morganfield's.

For lunch with my parents, we ordered the 6 pax family bundle at $151.92 (before discount $189.90) which comes with a Morgan's Rib Sampl3r Sharing Platter - this consists of three half slabs of ribs with choice of any flavours, grilled sausages, garden salad, grilled corn on cob, corn bread, French fries - one full slab of baby back ribs with choice of any flavour, bacon wrapped meatballs, pop corn pork and mac & cheese.

Peppercorn and spicy Asian BBQ half slab ribs

That's a lot of food, right? When I had everything heated up (the food arrived warm but I have a habit of heating up my delivered food again :P) and plated, the girls were exclaiming at the sight and variety: "Smells so good!" and "it's like we're dining in a restaurant!"

Bacon wrapped meatballs

Morganfield's ribs are really flavourful and slide-off-the-bone tender. You can choose your rib flavours from garlic BBQ, Kansas sweet BBQ, spicy Asian BBQ, smoked peppercorn, hickory BBQ and bourbon bacon (there's extra charges for this one). We went for the first four. I found the BBQ flavours rather similar, so the spicy Asian (wasn't extremely spicy, which is good for us!) and smoked peppercorn stood out for us.

Garlic BBQ and Kansas sweet BBQ baby back ribs and half slab ribs

The other standout items for us were the surprisingly tender pop corn pork...

Pop corn pork

...mac and cheese (the kids couldn't get enough of it)...

Mac & cheese

...juicy and plump grilled sausages and corn bread (forgot to take picture!).

Grilled sausages and corn on the cob

One good thing about ordering ribs in is that rib eating can get messy and when at home, you know you can conveniently wash your hands anytime. So for this germaphobe here, being able to order in from Morganfield's is perfect!

The ongoing 20% discount for its family bundles (which caters from two to eight pax) is really a good deal. The portions are substantial and maybe because two of our pax are kids, we had quite a bit of leftovers from our 6 pax bundle.

Ordering is also a breeze from Morganfield's website. I really appreciate that some restaurants endeavour to deliver in the 11am-12pm slot as my family tend to eat early during weekends. So, I'm really pleased when our food arrived at 11-plus still warm. We'll definitely return for Morganfield's, especially when we feel like having a meaty and hearty meal again! #supportlocalsg

What nice food have you ordered in so far? Do give me your recommendations!

Disclaimer: We paid for our food, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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