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Gift 'My BFF Is an Alien' this Christmas!

Gift My BFF Is an Alien to your loved ones this Christmas!

My BFF Is an Alien Vivian Teo middle grade books children kids English Epigram Singapore Singlit

While doing your Christmas shopping list, do consider gifting My BFF Is an Alien to your friends and loved ones! And it so happens that Epigram Books is having a Christmas sale this weekend - 35% off all Epigram titles at its online store till 12 Dec! Just use code "XMAS35". 😉

In a nutshell, My BFF Is an Alien is a middle-grade book series about the adventures of Singaporean girl (Abri) and her alien BFF (Octavia). Other than being an exciting page-turner, this series is also a story about friendship and the pertinent issues tweens and teenagers face like bullying and social media. Three-book bundle deal is available at Epigram Books too! The books are recommended for those age 9 and up but I have heard from advance readers as young as 7 and 8 years old. It's also the perfect time to get this now as the fourth book of the series - Invasion - is launching Feb 2022! So you don't have to wait long for the next book! 😊

If you happen to see this post after the weekend and miss the sale (I hope not though!), my books are also available at major bookstores in Singapore, including Popular, Times Bookstores and Kinokuniya. Buy a book or two for your loved ones this Christmas - they make awesome gifts 😊

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