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Stay-home fun with Genius R Us baking kit

Kids will have fun making teddy bear brownie karts (then eating them) with this deco and baking kit from Genius R Us.

Presenting our teddy bear brownie karts! Well, they are not as pretty the brownies in our Genius R Us baking kit pic but that's only typical for us cos we are no baking experts and I just let the kids do whatever they like 😂

The kit is really quite simple for the kids to handle - my girls are eight and ten years old -as the ingredients are all provided (except butter) in the required amount. So, they really did all the mixing and decorating themselves while I only helped with the chocolate/butter melting and oven use.

We really had a great time with these, lots of laughter actually when the girls were decorating their brownie karts. We were remarking that our karts looked like the "Nailed It!" pics in Netflix and the bears look like they had driven through mud 😅. (Quite authentic in this case if you think about it! 😆)

Honestly, I used to be quite OCD when baking with the kids as they will get the ingredients all over the place and I'd feel like I need to take over whatever they were doing. I guess I've chilled with age while also reminding myself that it's the fun they are having that counts. I suppose at their current age, they are also much better at it now 😆. Well, despite the decorating process being rather messy, we still enjoyed ourselves and the brownies turned out delicious too!

We've also got the Sleepy Hotdog Bread bake and deco kit that we can't wait to try out soon. We got 4 kits (gifted 2 to my bff) at a promo price of $134. The promo at Genius R Us is ongoing till 13 June and there are promo prices for 2 and 6 kits too. The kit selection is really good (they all look so nice, I was tempted to get everything!) and comes with free delivery too 😊

So, what stay-home activities are your kids engaged in this June holiday? 😄

Disclaimer: We paid for our baking kits, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.


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