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Stay-home fun with Bakeri muffin baking kit

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

The baking kit from Bakeri Singapore is fun and easy enough for little ones to attempt almost independently, and the end result is pretty yummy too!

Bakeri Singapore baking kit muffin

Okay, the muffins from this Bakeri Little Bear Muffin baking kit aren't supposed to look like these 😅 The girls had their own ideas when it came to decorating their muffins (see next pic for an illustration of how the Little Bear Muffin is supposed to look like) 😆.

Bakeri Singapore baking kit muffin

Since we are still staying home most of the time, we got this baking kit from Bakeri for some Youth Day baking. Everything you need to make these muffins - except water and an egg - are already in the kit, all measured out in the right proportions. It also comes with instructions and an illustration of how you can decorate the muffin into a little bear.

Bakeri Singapore baking kit muffin

My kids love baking and I've always let them help in the kitchen where possible. In a perfect world, a baking session with my kids would be one where they would happily mix the ingredients and decorate the final product, and are great helps in the kitchen. But in reality (at least in my case!), its often quite the opposite - OCD mum (yours truly) would be gritting her teeth telling them not to spill flour on the table or don't touch their faces, while the kids would be almost in tears when their decorations don't turn out as beautiful as those done by MasterChef Junior contestants. I'd be the first to admit, sometimes I rather work alone in the kitchen for all our sanity's sake 😅

Bakeri Singapore baking kit muffin

So, I was really quite pleasantly surprised that the baking kit was relatively fuss-free and easy for the kids to do this independently. They really just had to pour all the ingredients into a mixing bowl, mix them up then put them into muffin cups. I would say it's really quite easy for both my eight- and ten-year-olds to do on their own and definitely a lot less mess compared to getting our own ingredients and measuring them ourselves. Hey, I wasn't OCD mum at all! All I did was helped to melt the butter, and operate the oven 😄

Bakeri Singapore baking kit muffin

The girls kept saying "This is so fun!" while they were on it. Needless to say, their favourite part of the process was decorating the muffins. It would have been nice to really see a Little Bear muffin at the end of it but the kids wanted to do their own Plants vs Zombies designs 🙄 I didn't want to stifle their creativity, so I just let them do whatever. In the end, they had a lot of fun throughout the baking process 😊 Oh, and the muffins tasted great too! 👍

Bakeri has a few baking kits including a really cute kitty cheese tarts that's worth checking out. I think they are great for young children who want to try out baking, especially if you're still wary about going out for parent-children baking lessons (I don't even know if these venues are open yet?) or you just want something fuss-free and not be OCD mum during your baking sesh 😋.

Bakeri Singapore Belgium Chocolate Cake

Aside, we also ordered Bakeri's Belgium chocolate cake for my birthday celebration.

Bakeri Singapore Belgium Chocolate Cake

It was superbly rich and delicious. Everyone loved it!

Bakeri provides free delivery with orders of at least $60. It was also one of the few bakeries I could find which could deliver within the short notice of one day. Ultimately, we were really pleased with our choices for both the cake and baking kit 😊

Disclaimer: We paid for our purchases, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.


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