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Growing 'water babies' with my kids

Here's a fun stay-home activity for your kids - growing 'water babies'!

water babies beads singapore kids activities fun home

Some stay-home fun in this blog post today! These 'water babies' are all the rage with my kids and their classmates right now. They are water beads which are placed in vases to provide water to plants but my kids and their friends have taken to "growing" them by putting them in containers filled with water, then waiting for them to expand.

Our tiny ones have grown to about 2cm in diameter, while the bigger ones can reach 4-5cm in diameter.

water babies beads singapore kids activities fun home
'Medium' and 'giant' water babies

So far, two of our large beads have grown to 6cm in diameter!

water babies beads singapore kids activities fun home
'Giant' water baby!

And they came from beads of these sizes!

water babies beads singapore kids activities fun home
Unused beads

These are sold on online platforms in Singapore like Shopee and Lazada. We got ours from 'sgbabycare' on Shopee at S$3.50 for 500 'medium' ones (the ones you see above at 2cm diameter) and $5.30 for 50 giant ones (the 4-5cm ones) for $5.30. Quite a steal right? Apparently there are even smaller ones that are the size of bubble tea pearls!

So far from our own experience and reviews, the giant ones are not very lasting, some broke apart soon after they grew to full size. I don't know how long the two humongous ones my kids have would last, but I think they will be a little upset when they break apart as they are pretty proud of them!

These make for great sensory play for younger kids if you have a tub full of the 2cm-ones. I can imagine my kids using their cooking toys with these - we were big on sensory play back then. If you're considering this for your younger kids, just make sure they are no longer at the age when they put things into their mouths, because these are NOT edible!

water babies beads singapore kids activities fun home
'Medium' beads

At 8 and 10, my girls don't play much with these. They just like to put them in various containers, check how much they've grown, take them out and put them back into water to see if they'll grow bigger and exclaim how cute they look. It's like an achievement if they can grow them really big! I've also taken to marveling at the water babies when they yell for me to go to the toilet to see how big a certain bead had grown.

Here's one way my girls have been having fun with the smaller water babies...

The translucent beads are almost invisible when in water! It looks like a magic trick, doesn't it?

If you have any other ideas on what else we can do with these water babies, let me know! For now, we're quite contented with just growing and admiring them while they last! 😁

Disclaimer: We paid for our purchase, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified. festive

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