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Author/books talks by Vivian Teo in the fourth quarter of 2023

Here are my author and book talks in the fourth quarter of 2023 - thank you to the primary and secondary schools in Singapore for having me!

Dazhong Primary School assembly talk Singapore author Vivian Teo children kids books

Have been so busy it took a while for me to post this. It has been a very busy year for me visiting schools for talks and working on my new book series. Here are the schools I visited in the last quarter of 2023 and a talk I did with Joyce Chua and Low Ying Ping (not really Q4 but it was near enough haha!)

As always, much love to the school leaders, teachers and staff at the schools who bought my books, and the parents who let your kids get my books 🙏 Thank you Readers' House for arranging my visit and for always taking such lovely photos and making amazing reels 🙏

My 2024 calendar is filling up with bookings for school assembly talks - I'm really excited to visit these schools! If there are any educators reading this and would like me to visit their schools for author/book talks, please feel free to get in touch with me! Readers' House facilitates my primary school visits as well, so you can also get in touch them if you're keen to do a book fair/author signing alongside the talk😉

Here's to another exciting and fruitful new year!

North Vista Primary

North Vista Primary School assembly talk Singapore author Vivian Teo children kids books

Thank you North Vista Primary School for the incredible welcome and response!

I could feel the kids' passion for books and reading when I saw many rushing over during recess. Initially I had thought they were all just excited for recess cos y'know, must be hungry by recess time, then I realised they were making a beeline for the book fair 😄

We were sold out on most of the My BFF Is an Alien books by the third recess on the 1st day so I went back for a second day to make sure those who missed out could still get signed copies of my books. Really glad I did cos I got to chat a bit more with the students - a cutie said she thought I was in my 20s 😆🥰☺️

Someone also told me she thought I was from the US and I said we also have many good writers and local books here in Singapore. I feel it's important for our kids to know that they, too, can write books and be authors, and our stories here in Singapore are worth telling and reading about ❤

Northbrooks Secondary School

Northbrooks Secondary School author talk Singapore author Vivian Teo children kids books

What an honour it was to be a part of Northbrooks Secondary School’s English Language and Literature Festival in October! I did a Zoom talk for 21 classes at the school, and shared with the students and teachers my writing and publication journey. I was pleasantly surprised by the student's interest in my job as a freelance writer during Q&A and really love the effort put in my teachers to make this festival so special and fun for the students. Thank you again, Northbrooks Secondary, for having me!

Dazhong Primary School

Dazhong Primary School assembly talk Singapore author Vivian Teo children kids books

Thank you Dazhong Primary School for having me at your school! I really love your energy and enthusiasm! When I was exploring your neighbourhood after my talk, some of you who were walking home from school were waving, calling my name and asking to take wefies - I felt like a celebrity☺️Thank you for being such sweethearts and making my day ❤

Fantasy in the City at Epigram Coffee Bookshop

Vivian Teo Low Ying Ping Joyce Chua Singapore authors Epigram Coffee Bookshop book author talk

I had such good fun chatting with Low Ying Ping and Joyce Chua at our Fantasy in the City book talk at Epigram Coffee Bookshop in late September! I enjoyed hearing their insights on writing fantasy and how Singapore had inspired their writing. I've been writing books for more than 3 years now but i find that there's still so much I can learn from fellow authors from book talks whether it's on craft, the industry or giving presentations 🙏

Thank you so much to our friends for coming to the event - including Kayce Teo, Claire Betita de Guzman and Jenny Faith Koh - it was so nice catching up and meeting some of you in person for the first time 😄 Like Ying Ping said, writing is very solitary, so it's really nice to be out every now and then to meet fellow writers and readers ❤

Thank you to Epigram Books and Penguin SEA for supporting the event 🙏 Hope we'll get to do this again some time soon 🤗

Disclaimer: My opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.



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