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Last chance to vote in the Readers' Choice Awards!

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Last chance to vote for My BFF is an Alien in the POPULAR Readers' Choice Awards 2020!

Singlit middle grade My BFF is an Alien book Vivian Teo children author Singapore
My BFF is an Alien at Siloso Beach

Did you know Siloso Beach is one of the many well-known local places that appear in My BFF is an Alien? I think part of the fun for kids when reading Singlit, especially for those who live here, is being able to identify with the local landmarks and culture. So it was fun for my kids to see for themselves the beach that was in my book and taking my book there for a photoshoot 😆

My BFF is an Alien is nominated in the children's book category of Popular Bookstore's Readers' Choice Awards. Voting closes on 2 Nov. If you haven't voted, do drop by the Readers' Choice Awards website and choose 3 of your favourites in the category. You'll be supporting your local authors and also stand to win Popular vouchers. I promise this will be the last time (this year) I ask for your votes 😆 Thank you 🙏

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