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7 activities to engage your kids at The Curious Sky at The Artground

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

The Curious Sky at The Artground in Singapore is a charming multi-sensory arts play space that encourages little ones to explore and learn about the elements of the weather through interactive play features.

We absolutely love the interactive visual arts play space at The Artground. Its installations, which changes tri-annually, are like playgrounds for kids - with air-conditioning and free entry the icing on the cake! - and our girls have enjoyed every single one we’ve been to.

Taking over from the Happy Homebodies installation, which ended in September, is The Curious Sky, a charming multi-sensory arts play space inspired by elements of the weather. Created by artist Ng Fongyee, the installation encourages little ones to explore and learn about weather elements through its play features.

Here are seven activities to engage your kids at #TheCuriousSky:

1) Chill at the Garden Igloo

Kids can climb in and chill inside this Garden Igloo which also comes with a screen that captures their curious faces when they enter.

2) Hear ‘thunder’ in The Thunder Tunnel

Inside The Thunder Tunnel, children can gently shake two objects in the tunnel to simulate thunder, and unleash their creativity by using chalk to draw on the outside of the tunnel.

3) Slide down the big blue slide

Needless to say, this big blue slide is a very popular feature with all the kids there!

4) Dance in The Cube of Colours

Little ones can dance and make shadows under coloured lights inside this giant cube.

5) Explore The Water Cycle

With ball bearings representing water, this installation lets you watch how rain pours through clouds then moves through our ecosystem before being “evaporated” and come back down as rain again. Our girls really liked this one and couldn't wait to maneuver the movable features on the display when the ball bearings rained down at every three-minute interval!

6) Learn about the states of water at The Molecular World

The three features, which children can turn and observe, show the difference between the solid, liquid and gaseous states of water through ball bearings and their space constraints.

7) Relax under clouds in the toddler area

If you have children three years and younger, they can play in and relax under the clouds in the whimsical-looking play area that's fitted with a baby-proof gate.

Like previous Artground installations, the children at the play space when we visited on a Saturday are mostly toddlers and pre-schoolers. Our girls at seven and nine were probably the oldest there, but they still enjoyed the features, especially the slide and The Water Cycle, while learning a little more about weather and water!

The Curious Sky at The Artground runs from 4 October till 22 March 2020.

Bonus tips for your trip:

- A list of ticketed programmes for children with activities involving gardening, story-telling and dancing are available during the weekends. Check The Artground’s programme directory for detailed listings.

- The visual arts play space at The Artground, which is managed by an art charity, changes tri-annually. Admission to these exhibitions are free but donations are encouraged.

Find The Artground at Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, Block J #01-40, Singapore 439053. It's open on Wednesday-Thursday from 930am till 5pm, and Friday-Sunday & selected public holidays from 930am till 6pm.

Disclaimer: We made a donation at the door during our visit, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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