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READ & REVIEWED: The Clockwork Conspiracy by Sam Sedgman

The Clockwork Conspiracy by Sam Sedgman is an an exciting adventure involving lots of clocks, codes and conspiracies.

The Clockwork Conspiracy Sam Sedgman review

New book recommendation and a good one for your kid to check out this March school holiday – Sam Sedgman’s new middle grade book, The Clockwork Conspiracy, an exciting adventure involving clocks, codes and conspiracies!

The Clockwork Conspiracy Sam Sedgman review

12-year-old Isaac Turner’s father is a horologist, a clock expert, who takes care of the Big Ben. One night while working with Isaac at the belfry, he goes missing, leaving behind a smashed pocket watch and cryptic message.

His disappearance happens just as the United Kingdom is about to pass a New Time Law, which will change how time is measured. Brainy Isaac and his gutsy new friend, Hattie, must race against time to find Isaac’s father by cracking codes and deciphering clues that will also have them uncovering a conspiracy involving the new law.

The Clockwork Conspiracy Sam Sedgman review

This story unfolds like a mystery thriller movie with secret societies, double-crossings, shady villains and loads of twists and turns. Its interesting premise will also give readers food for thought on the concept of time and international standards. This is one book I’d love to see adapted into a movie - what an exciting one it'd make 😉

The Clockwork Conspiracy Sam Sedgman review

The Clockwork Conspiracy is the first book of the Isaac Turner Investigates series. I’d recommend this to tweens and those older who love a good adventure and mystery. Thank you, Definitely Book Kids, for sending this newly-released title over! This book is available at all good bookstores.

Disclaimer: The book was provided by Pansing for my review. My opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.


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