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Taking the kids to Jurassic Mile? Here are 8 things to know!

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Jurassic Mile is a must-visit for dinosaur fans! Even non-fans will be pretty impressed by the life-size displays - just watch out for the bicycles and scooters on the shared path!

We made it to Jurassic Mile! Our girls love their dinosaurs, so they were pretty stoked to finally see Jurassic Mile after reading all about and seeing pics of it.

Part of the new Changi Airport Connector in Singapore - a 3.5km cycling and jogging path that links Changi Airport to East Coast Park - the one km-long Jurassic Mile boasts of eleven types of dinosaur with a total of more than 20 displays which you can take photos with while cycling/scootering/jogging/walking along the path.

That many dinosaurs

The walk wasn't exactly, erm a stroll in the park as we constantly had to watch out for cyclists and scooterists on the path which wasn't very wide, so it really was quite a chop-chop-take-photo affair for us. If you are planning to take the kids to Jurassic Mile this school holiday, here are eight things to know.

1) Where is Jurassic Mile located?

Jurassic Mile is part of the Changi Airport Connector. While you can obviously cycle/jog to get to Jurassic Mile from East Coast Park or Changi Airport Terminal Two (which I won't be writing about because we only wanted to go to Jurassic Mile), the easiest way to get there would be to drop off/park at Changi Airport Terminal 4's car park 4A, where the entrance to Jurassic Mile is right next to.

Here's the entrance

2) How long does it take to cover Jurassic Mile?

Depending on how long you want to linger! For us, we took about 20-30 mins one way. We were pretty chop chop when taking our photos and reading the signboards because there were always people waiting to take photos with the dinosaurs. By the way you'll know you have reached the end of Jurassic Mile when you see the Changi Jurassic Mile pterodactyl sign!

Here's the end

3) What do you see there?

The dinosaur displays are pretty impressive (the kids say it would be even nicer if they can move!) and there are also signs with fun facts about the dinosaurs. Here are some of our favourites: Menacing velociraptors surrounding a buggy...

Velociraptor attack!

...a water-drinking brachiosaurus...

Gulp gulp gulp

these parasaurolophus behind the fences...

All behind fences

...these cute baby pterodactyls...

How cute!

...and of course the mighty T-Rex!


Don't forget to read the fun facts along the way...

Read this!

and pretend to be opening a restricted door!

Press this!

4) Is is free?

Absolutely! Free to enter 24-hours a day.

5) Is pre-booking required?

You no longer need to pre-book to go to Jurassic Mile during the weekends (as of 2 November 2020). Safe distancing measures and face mask requirements (unless when eating, drinking or doing strenuous exercises) still apply though.

6) When's the best time to go?

I would like to say night time so it isn't hot but my kids are early sleepers. So we were there on a weekday morning around 930am the week before official school holidays began and I was rather surprised to see quite a number of families with kids there (I guess we weren't the only ones whose school has already started school holidays?). I can imagine it being more crowded during the school holidays as the place is still pretty new.

The crowd wasn't overly daunting when we were there and everyone was pretty fast when it came to taking photos. Snap snap and people move on. We didn't linger long at the displays given that there'll always be people waiting to take photos. I suppose mornings are pretty popular because the path is shaded by the walls bordering the path in the morning. I can imagine it being much hotter late afternoon as the sun will be shining in from the other side which is unblocked by walls.

7) Should I cycle/scoot there?

We actually decided against letting the kids take their scooters there after reading about the path (which is shared by bicycles and joggers) being quite narrow, which is a good idea on hindsight. We were constantly on the lookout for bicycles and scooters while we were walking (always better to walk single file along the side as not all riders were steady with their bikes and scooters). I noticed many of the bicycles had to constantly stop while we were there. I can't imagine it being a very pleasant ride for them.

8) Will I get hit my golf balls?

You might have read news reports of someone being hit by a golf ball when at Jurassic Mile. We wondered if we should wear helmets when there but turned out we didn't have to because the area near the golf course now has nettings overhead which is a really good idea because...

This apatosaurus is impressive!

those golf balls are still a hazard!

Golf ball alert!

Overall, it was a pretty fun one-hour walk for us (we walked to the end and back to Terminal 4). Just that it was a very chop chop affair where we didn't have the chance to linger and gaze in awe at the dinosaurs. It would be nice to do that someday one evening when the attraction is no longer that crowded.

Have you been to Jurassic Mile? Did you like it too?

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