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6 must-knows before taking kids to Changi Experience Studio

Updated: Feb 17

Through fun games and interactive features, children will have an engaging time at Singapore's Changi Experience Studio while learning about Changi Airport.

Time Tunnel at Changi Experience Studio

I've been thinking about visiting Changi Experience Studio (CES) at Jewel for a while. It was opened for more than a year and I had thought it would be somewhat like a museum about the development of Changi Airport, which might be a lil boring for our kids. But after hearing feedback from fellow parents and also encouraged by our SingapoRediscover Vouchers (SRV), we decided to pay CES a visit and I must say, we weren't disappointed.

In fact, our girls (age 8 and 10) had so much fun, they were very reluctant to leave at the end of our visit. We spent about three hours there as the girls were very engaged by the games and interactive features. So here's what to expect at CES and six things to know before heading down with your kids.

1) What do you actually do at CES?

Okay, in CES' words, you "go on a journey of fun and discovery through the exciting virtual world of Changi Airport" where you "engage in the wonder of amazing projection experiences and enjoy interactive games and immersive shows." My summary is kids can enjoy interactive games while learning about Changi Airport.

When you enter CES, visitors can immediately try out their Travel Guide (which looks like a foldable board) at Cloud, an all-white futuristic-looking room. When placed under projections, your Travel Guide will unlock surprises like fluttering butterflies at Cloud and information about Changi Airport at various rooms and stations. Your Travel Guide will also allow you to play the interactive games and record your scores, so keep it with you at all times when at CES.


At the Hanging Garden, you can learn more about the development of Changi Airport via the interactive stations.

Hanging Garden

The fun for kids really comes after the Hanging Garden towards the end of the attraction, of which you'll first encounter the Amazing Runway: stationary bikes which allow you to participate in a multiplayer virtual race. This game is based on an actual race between a Porsche 911 GT3 Carrera Cup car and a Boeing 747 aircraft at Changi Airport in 2009.

Our girls enjoyed this so much they returned to it quite a few times despite proclaiming that they were really tired after all the cycling!

Next up is the Sky Deck which is a really cool room designed like an airport control room. Here you can learn about the connectivity of Changi Airport, which is most impressive.

Sky Deck

After the Sky Deck comes all the fun and games that kids will love, like the trolley game where you're to collect as many trolleys are you can around Changi Airport in a given amount of time. It would be really fun to do this in real life!

You can also play the taxi directing game where you have to send taxis to the pick-up points and passengers to the taxis. This is more challenging than it looks!

There is also a nectar collecting game where you guide a butterfly to collect nectar while avoiding obstacles.

Our kids spent the most time at the efficiency games station.

Efficiency games

This station has four games: fingerprint matching, embarking and disembarking passengers, weighing and checking in luggage, and sending luggage to the correct lanes. Even for adults, we found the games really fun!

There is also a smile challenge where you can pit yourself against other visitors to see who has the best smile. Unsure what's the criteria for this but I'm guessing big smile showing lots of teeth will get you higher up in ranking?

Smile Challenge

At Finale, you get to watch a short video on the construction of Changi Airport which was quite a nice experience with the wide screen and grand music. I don't want to give too much away and ruin the experience, so just posting a pic here.


There is also another room called the Garden of Harmony which we missed because workshops were being held then. It was rather disappointing as we had seen pictures of it which looked really cool. I thought staff at the ticketing counter could have told us about it (there was a sign at the queue but we missed it) and we would have chosen to visit the room first before it was closed for the workshops.

2) What age group is CES suitable for?

Children at six and above will need tickets and I think that's an indication of the age of those who would enjoy the games and exhibits. As an adult, I found the games rather fun too but it's the kids from the primary- and maybe even secondary-school age who would find them most fun.

3) How much do tickets cost and how to redeem with your SRV?

Tickets are at S$19 for adults and S$13 for senior citizens and children 6-12 years old (those below can enter for free). Your SRV can be used for the attraction. I've written in previous posts on things to note when redeeming with your SRV. Do check them out!

4) There are a few packages when booking tickets via Klook. Which should I take?

If you're booking tickets via Klook (one of the platforms where you can use your SRV), you can get solely admission tickets at the above prices or get those which come with photos which I thought are really good value. We went for the package which includes admission tickets and four 6R photos, and it only costs $2 more (worked out to $0.50 for one photo) compared to solely buying admission tickets.

At CES, there is a Backstage area where you can take photos against a green screen and the photos turn out with Changi Airport-related backdrops. You can then get these printed out at CES' ticketing counter using your Travel Guide. This is one of the four pics hanging in our room which we got as part of our package and given that we weren't travelling this holiday, the photos really reminded me of going on a 'holiday'.

Backstage photo

5) How much time to spend there?

CES recommends setting aside at least 90 minutes for the attraction. Some parents have mentioned that they had spent 1.5-2 hours there. For us, we spent a good three hours there and our kids still didn't want to leave!

6) How crowded is it?

We were at CES on a Friday during the December school holiday. I thought it wasn't very crowded. The games station usually had people there but they would move on to another game after they had completed it, so we didn't have to wait long for the games. The ticketing staff had mentioned to us that it wasn't too crowded on the day we visited, so I'm guessing it can be even more crowded on certain days. I would probably avoid visiting during the weekends as everyone has to take turns on the games and queuing is really not a way I like to spend my time, COVID or no COVID.

That said, the ticketing and photo-printing queue was rather slow even though there was only one or two in front of us. Even if you bought your tickets on Klook, you'll still need to queue at the ticketing counter to redeem your tickets and get your Travel Guides. So do factor in some time to redeem your tickets and photos.

We'll definitely return to CES again as our girls had so much fun but hopefully on a school-specific weekday so they can have more time on the games!

What fun places have you visited this school holiday?

Disclaimer: We paid for our tickets, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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