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10 things to know before taking the kids to Mega Bounce at Sentosa (like how to get 50% off tics!)

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Planning to take the kids to Mega Bounce at Sentosa, Singapore? Here are 10 things to know before heading down, including how to get at least 50% discount off tickets for this, cable car rides and other Sentosa attractions!

mega bounce adventure sentosa singapore kids bungy bungee trampoline siloso beach

There are quite a number of attractions in Singapore that are offering promotions and discounts and one of the good deals has got to be the Mastercard Sentosa one-for-one fun pass promotion available now till 30 November 2020. So when we chanced upon this promo, we went through the list of places in Sentosa where we could use these fun passes and turned out one of them was Mega Bounce - bungy trampolines - at Mega Adventure. (I checked ahead if they require helmets and no, they don't, so we were good to go! If you've read my recent IG story rants, you'd know why 😋)

It was our girls' first time trying bungy trampolines and it turned out to be a pretty fun experience for them. Took a little getting used to initially but they were soon happily bouncing on the trampolines (can't do flips and turns yet though 😆). If you're thinking of taking your kids to Mega Bounce or getting the Sentosa fun passes, here are 10 things to know:

1) How old is the activity suitable for?

There is no age limit for this but you need to weigh at least a minimum of 10kg and maximum of 90kg for it. Big E who is ten years old said the bungy trampoline takes a little getting used to initially. She was rather tentative and wasn't jumping high enough at the beginning such that she dangled on the harness for a short while till the staff adjusted the bungy cords for her. Little E, who is eight years old, didn't have any problems at all as she was into it once she got into the harness. I think this is something primary-school age kids or even older kindergarteners are able to enjoy.

mega bounce adventure sentosa singapore kids bungy bungee trampoline siloso beach

2) How much does the activity cost?

Standard pricing is at $15 for five minutes on the Mega Bounce. Pretty expensive if you ask me, which is why we only decided to go because of the Mastercard Sentosa one-for-one fun pass promo. With this promo, a five-minute session turned out to be $5 which is more than 60% discount off the standard price!

3) Ooh, how do I get this promo?

Basically the promo gives you 2 fun passes each loaded with 60 tokens at a total of $60 when you pay with any Mastercard (normal price of one pass with 60 tokens is $60 meaning 1 token costs $1). So with this promo you get 120 tokens at $60.

You can purchase this promo from Sentosa's online ticketing website but you'd still have to go down to Sentosa ticketing counters to redeem the two fun passes in ticket form so you could really just skip that step and go straight to the ticketing counters to purchase the fun passes.

4) Sounds good. What other T&Cs to note?

All promos come with T&Cs, and some are really not the most convenient. But promo right? What to do? So do note these if you decide to buy the fun passes:

i) You have to use these passes within two consecutive days, including the day when you purchase the fun pass at the ticketing counter. So plan ahead on which attractions you want to visit, when you're visiting and how you're going to finish using all 120 tokens either in a day or two.

ii) You cannot combine the two passes, meaning if the attraction requires 40 tokens, and you have 20 tokens left in each pass, you can't tell the attraction staff to use both pass for an entry. Hence I feel that it is best to just use up one pass first.

iii) Your group/family can share the passes. E.g. We had used our fun passes for round trip cable car rides for our family of four which cost 20 tokens each person. Hence with a fun pass with 60 tokens, it covered 3 persons, while the other fun pass's 20 tokens covered another person.

5) Wait, 120 tokens is quite a lot, what if I just want to go for Mega Bounce and I don't want to go for so many activities?

If you want to use tokens in a fun pass to visit attractions (in most cases, it is still cheaper using fun pass tokens than paying full price at the attraction e.g. Mega Bounce activity costs 10 tokens - the normal price of 1 token in the fun pass is $1 - hence it is still cheaper than paying $15 at the attraction), you'll still need to buy a fun pass loaded with tokens and the minimum is 60 tokens. There are other non-Mastercard promo for the fun pass like the 25% discount off 60 tokens for local residents but it's not as worthwhile as 1-for-1.

It's really not that hard to use up 120 tokens for one family. On our part, we bought 10-minute each for each kid on the Mega Bounce (total 40 tokens) and we used the remaining 80 tokens for round trip cable car rides, all within a day. There are a lot of other attractions in Sentosa that accepts the fun pass. Other than at Mega Adventure, you can also use them for the cable cars, S.E.A Aquarium, Trick Eye Museum, Madam Tussauds, Aj Hackett, Nestopia etc. See Sentosa's website for the detailed list and tokens required for each activity.

6) Five minutes on the Mega Bounce seems awfully short. Is it enough?

The standard session is for five minutes. We thought it sounded short as well, but after our kids' 10-minute session (we bought them ten minutes each so 20 tokens per kid), we understood why each session is five minute. According to my kids, the harnesses were starting to feel uncomfortable by the end of ten minutes. I supposed that's why the sessions are so short! So I think 10 minutes is just about right.

7) Is it too hot to be bouncing with a face mask?

You're allowed to bounce with your face mask with your nose uncovered. But my kids went with their noses covered and they said it was bearable for ten minutes even though we were there at 3pm in the afternoon. But I doubt they would be able to go without stopping for more than 10 minutes in the heat.

mega bounce adventure sentosa singapore kids bungy bungee trampoline siloso beach

8) How crowded was it?

A staff had told us it's best to go at 11am when they open to avoid the crowds during the weekends. It really wasn't too crowded either when we got there at 3pm on a weekend. There were only two groups in front of us who were queueing to redeem/purchase tickets at Mega Adventure which has other activities other than Mega Bounce. Four kids can go at the same time at Mega Bounce and there was only one other kid bouncing with my two kids at the same time. But when we were about to leave at 315pm there were definitely a much longer queue of about 4-5 groups waiting to enter Mega Adventure. So my guess is late afternoon during weekends is quite a popular timing.

9) Where is Mega Bounce located?

It's located at Mega Adventure at Siloso Beach. It's a five-minute walk from Siloso Point Station. It's a cable car station so it's quite a good idea to use the fun pass for cable car rides as well or you could take the free Sentosa shuttle bus A which drops opposite the station or you could take the beach tram from Beach station.

mega bounce adventure sentosa singapore kids bungy bungee trampoline siloso beach
Siloso Beach

10) Ok, if I'm going to take the cable car there, is there anything to else to note?

There are two cable car lines at Sentosa - the Mount Faber Line and the Sentosa Line. Siloso Point station is on the Sentosa line. A round trip on the Sentosa line costs $3 for local adults and $2 for local children. The list of attractions that accept the fun pass do not show round trips for the individual lines hence I believe you can only use the fun passes for round trips or unlimited rides on both lines. As mentioned above, the round trips and unlimited rides are pretty good deals. E.g. we used the passes for round trip cable car rides for the whole family which cost 20 tokens each. With the Mastercard promo, it essentially costs us $40 for our family of four. Standard pricing for locals would have cost our family $84 on the cable car rides, so it's a 52% discount with this promo!

cable car ride sentosa faber line singapore
Cable car ride on the Mount Faber Line

With so many fun attractions and the beaches all in one place, Sentosa is a place we really love to visit in Singapore. If there are other activities that you have tried and think is worthwhile with the Sentosa fun passes, do let us know! 😊

Disclaimer: We paid for our tickets, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.


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