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Is it worth taking the kids to Canopy Bridge and walking sky net at Jewel Singapore?

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Considering Jewel Singapore attractions like the Canopy Bridge and Canopy Park's walking sky net for this September holidays? Here's the lowdown.

walking sky net changi airport jewel singapore canopy park kids play activities

It's the September holidays and I know many parents have set their sights on taking their kids to Jewel Changi Airport, especially Canopy Park with the free entry promotion ongoing till end September! But we've already talked about Canopy Park and its free entry promo, let's visit the other attractions in Jewel - namely the Manulife Sky Net (Walking) in Canopy Park and Canopy Bridge (outside of Canopy Park)! But let's be honest, the entrance fees for the chargeable attractions are really not the cheapest. So is it worth paying the price for these attractions? Here's the lowdown.

Manulife Sky Nets - Walking

At the walking sky net, one gets to walk to across a netted area suspended 25 metres above ground. Sounds exciting? I think it was!

walking sky net changi airport jewel singapore canopy park kids play activities

Honestly, it was rather scary initially when we just started on the net as you could look all the way down to Jewel mall from the net. The kids were rather nervous as well, which kinda surprised me as they had been to the net playground at Airzone at City Square Mall and were completely fearless. But later they explained that they found the height here much higher than Airzone, the holes between the net bigger than those at Airzone, and the ropes much harder to walk on.

walking sky net changi airport jewel singapore canopy park kids play activities
Starting out at the walking sky net

All valid concerns. The initial walk across the net was a rather bumpy one - we were holding on to two scared kids while trying to find our footing on the ropes ourselves.

walking sky net changi airport jewel singapore canopy park kids play activities
Still a little scared

And yeah, my legs felt like jelly too looking down from the height! We were literally drenched in sweat at the end of our arduous walk to the end of the net, but more from the effort than fear of the height!

walking sky net changi airport jewel singapore canopy park kids play activities
The view down

But really, this was only initially. With help from a staff, we found out later the easiest way to walk was to side step, and that really changed things. As there is no time limit on how long you can stay in there (but you can't reenter after exiting!) so we backtracked to the start of the net. And once we got the hang of walking on the net and also got use to the height, everything felt so much easier. I even thought it felt really relaxing to just sit there and look down into the mall below! It was the same for the kids; after getting used to the net, they were able to walk and climb around on their own.

walking sky net changi airport jewel singapore canopy park kids play activities
Not so scared now

Despite getting the hang of it, the kids weren't enthusiastic when I asked if they would like to visit again as they claimed it was still rather difficult to walk on it. I suspect it could be because of their smaller feet (but I did see other kids of their age - mine are eight and ten years old - walking around without a care in the world!) and they were comparing it to Airzone where they could run and bounce on the net playground. The walking sky net is strictly for walking only, you're not allowed to run or bounce on it - that would be the bouncing sky net which is a separate attraction.

We had visited the walking sky net when there was a August 55% promo going on and we paid $22.50 in total for our family of four, so I thought for the price, I didn't mind trying it out. But given that the promo is over, tickets are priced at $13.50 for adults and $9 for children for local residents. There are bundle promos now for the September school holiday (packages including various Jewel attractions), but if you want to only visit the walking net, the cheapest promo they have now is that with DBS credit cards, which gives 25% off standard rates, meaning adults pay $11.25 and children pay $7.50. See Jewel's ticketing website for more details.

Even though Mummy and Daddy quite enjoyed themselves, I reckon we are unlikely to go for the walking net again at full price,. Our little ones are hoping to try out the bouncing sky net the next time!

Do note that you need to be at least 1.1 metres to go on the net and children ticket holders will need to be accompanied by a paying adult. Oh, and you might like to wear covered shoes as well, if not, they have covered shoes there which you could borrow.

Canopy Bridge

The Canopy Bridge (not part of Canopy Park btw!) gives you a close-up view of the Jewel waterfall five stories up!

Canopy Bridge Jewel Singapore Changi Airport
Canopy Bridge at Jewel Singapore

Other than the close-up and height, the novelty of the bridge also lies in the fact that it is translucent (I say translucent as I couldn't see thru clearly due to reflection) so my younger girl was a bit scared.

Canopy Bridge Jewel Singapore Changi Airport
The view down

Oh, and we really like the effect of the mist when we enter the bridge.

Canopy Bridge Jewel Singapore Changi Airport
Mist when we entered the bridge

Actually I had thought the bridge would let us walk around the waterfall but you only get to walk past the waterfall and it's really quite a short bridge. If you don't linger to take photos, you'll be at the other end within a minute 😂

Canopy Bridge Jewel Singapore Changi Airport
Photo op with waterfall at the bridge

While we had a good ten minute fun enjoying the view and having wobbly knees, We'll probably make the Canopy Bridge visit a one-off thing. Tickets cost us $3.60 each with the August 55% discount promo, which I thought was quite reasonable but at full price, it's seems a rather hefty price to pay for the novelty. Like the walking net and other Jewel attractions, there are bundle deals and ongoing promos with DBS credit cards and Passion Card for the Canopy Bridge. See Jewel's ticketing website for more details.

What plans have you made for the September holidays?

Disclaimer: We paid for our tickets, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.


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