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  • Vivian Teo

READ & REVIEWED: Kay's Anatomy by Adam Kay

Kay's Anatomy: A Complete (and Completely Disgusting) Guide to the Human Body by Adam Kay makes learning about the human anatomy interesting and fun for kids.

"If you eat too many carrots, your skin will turn orange." "Your lungs are the only organs in your body that can float." "Bogeys are safe to eat." Just some of the interesting facts Little E (age 8) has been announcing to us while reading Kay's Anatomy: A Complete (and Completely Disgusting) Guide to the Human Body by Adam Kay.

The book's pretty thick at over 400 pages but Little E was done in a few days reading it during spare pockets of time. Written humourously with funny illustrations, the book which is suited for those 8 years and up, makes learning about the human body fun for both kids and adults. To quote Little E, "Brain-lliant and fact-astic. One of funniest non-fiction book I've read!"

After Little E was done with the book, Big E (age 10) has started on it. And so far she is loving it too; I hear laughter from her every now and then when she's reading it and she has declared this book must be one of the funniest book about the human anatomy that she has ever read.

We bought our copy from the GoGuru online store. I believe it's also available on Book Depository. Given the number of books we've bought recently, more book reviews and recommendations will be coming up! 😄

Have you read any good children's books recently? If so, do let us know! We are always happy to hear book recommendations!

Disclaimer: We paid for our book, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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