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READ & REVIEWED: Chinese Plants vs Zombies comics

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

These Chinese Plants vs Zombies comics with exciting storylines are bound to be a hit with PVZ fans, even reluctant Chinese book readers.

Lingzi Media Plants zombies comics Chinese Singapore books

I'm pretty excited about these Chinese Plants vs Zombies comics we just bought! I'd previously posted about our Chinese PVZ joke books but these ones are comics with proper storylines. We had just finished the one at the bottom - 太阳神庙事件 - a three-book comic about the PVZ characters' adventure in ancient Egypt, which we bought from Lingzi Media. I read this with the kids and found the storyline pretty engaging and exciting. In terms of the Chinese standard, my ten-year-old girl can read majority of the words on her own, though every now and then she'd need help with some phrases or idioms.

We haven't finish reading the top three books which we ordered via Shopee from a seller in China but have just started on 不翼而飞的戒指 (below) which centres around the plants solving a case of a missing ring. Hearing the plants deduce the case in Chinese is not that easy for my ten-year-old, hence I still had to do a bit of explanation in terms of the phrases. But so far, she is still intrigued by the storyline.

Plants zombies comics Chinese Singapore books

We try to converse with our kids in Mandarin as much as possible but English is still their dominant language. So I do try to expose them to more Chinese books and TV shows but honestly, it's quite an uphill climb to get them interested. While it would be ideal if they could read Chinese chapter books, I think comics are not a bad place to get them started on as they are less daunting compared to chapter books given that they are not so wordy and has lots of pictures. If they are funny, it's an even bigger draw - my kids are still enjoying the PVZ joke books and we've just ordered more from Lingzi Media.

I've always believed that you can't force a child to read and getting them to read about their favourite and familiar characters is a good way to pique their interest in books. So while I can still latch onto their interest in PVZ to get them interested in Chinese books, I'm going to try to purchase the rest of the comics in this series (There are ten in all. See below) 😆.

Plants zombies comics Chinese Singapore books

If anyone knows where else I can get these comics, do let me know as I think Lingzi only has a few of them and Maha Yuyi only has the joke books. Thank you in advance 🙏.

Also Lingzi Media is currently having a National Day promotion where there is a 20% discount for their Chinese books and free delivery during 7-10 August 2020, which is why we have stocked up on our PVZ joke books! 😁

Disclaimer: We paid for our books, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.



mark nathan mugas
mark nathan mugas
Nov 21, 2021

Sorry to say but does popcap and EA know the pvz Chinese comics ?

And also this comics are a new universe in pvz cuz plants had schools even if in other pvz games there are no schools for plants but they have a nursery which is the zen garden in the pvz franchise humans and zombies are the only one who had schools

And do they even knew about jurrasic marshland other pvz 2 time periods? And when did sunflower became a cannibal? She just ate plants like dragonfruit bonk chaoy is already an adult and he loves boxing and since when the plants knew how to drive?

That's all sorry for the

Sep 01, 2023
Replying to

Yes it does I think because if it don't it will most likely get lawsuit

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