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(UPDATED) Going to the new Punggol Regional Library? Here are 6 visiting tips

The Punggol Regional Library is now fully open and definitely worth visiting to see how grand and beautiful the new library is.

punggol library singapore

UPDATED: 25 April 2023 (Updated with latest info, deleted outdated info)

The Punggol Regional Library has officially opened in early April - that means the teen and adult book sections of the library are now open! We popped by to check out the new levels and yup, the shelves are stacked with rows and rows of new books!

punggol library singapore

Most notably, the fourth level has an area known as Experience-IT, which is an interactive showcase of emerging technologies including a driving game which is rather popular with kids.

punggol library singapore

There's also a study zone on the third level which you can book for use on NLB's website.

punggol library singapore

On the third level is also a lovely installation of a giant book with a bookmark designing station at the time of our visit...

punggol library singapore

and also an inviting beanbag area.

punggol library singapore

As such, I've updated the visiting tips below!

Original post: 5 February 2023

Popped by the newly-opened Punggol Regional Library on Saturday! I was really impressed by how big and spacious the place is. All the books at the library are new too but despite that, we didn't borrow many books as the titles we were looking for weren't there. Anyhow, the new library is definitely worth checking for its grand structure and lovely children zone.

I wasn't actually planning on writing a blog post so I didn't take many pictures during our visit (but read till end for a vid!). I don't think there's a need to review it - we mainly go there to borrow books right? - but just thought I share a few visiting tips as it's a rather new place and not everyone is familiar with this library or its location. So here are 6 visiting tips for you!

1) All five levels of the library are now open

The ground level of the library is the early literary zone, so it's where you'll find picture books and a tinkering zone for the younger ones. Middle grade books are on the second level but there are also Chinese picture books and non-fiction books for younger readers on this floor too.

Punggol library Singapore children books
Children's Zone

The young adult and adult books can be found on the third and fourth level, with an event zone is on the fifth level.

punggol library singapore

2) Singapore literature are at the Singapore and Southeast Asia shelves

Books written by Singapore authors are located at the Singapore and Southeast Asia shelves, so the picture books, middle grade books, fiction and non-fiction books by Singapore authors are all placed in this section.

This is not consistent for all libraries in Singapore. Sometimes I find my books in the middle grade book sections, sometimes they are placed in the Singapore collection. Anyhow, just know that if you can't find the books of certain Singapore or Asian authors at Punggol library, they could be placed in the Singapore and Asia shelves, like how I found Jesse Sutanto's Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit in this section.

I found most of the books in my book series, My BFF Is an Alien, at the library this time round (I couldn't find them back in February though they were stated as available at the library. A librarian had told us they have yet to shelf all the books then as the library was newly open.)

punggol library singapore my bff is an alien vivian teo

Though strangely, the NLB catalogue said four copies of one of my books, Deception, are available there but I couldn't find it on the Singapore shelf where the rest of my books were. Hope it's just a teething problem and the books would be placed on the shelf soon!

3) Weekends can get crowded

If you are taking younger kids there to play in the children's area which is stocked with puzzles and games for young children (once you enter the library on the ground floor, turn left), you might want to do so on a weekday. The area was full when we there on Saturday, and so were the children zones on the first floor, like Spark!Lab, Storyteller Cove and Stories Come Alive. There's a more detailed look into the children zones at LittleDayOut.

punggol library singapore

But given that this library is huge, when walking around, you don't feel like its overly crowded and the borrowing stations didn't have queues either. If you are going there just to browse and borrow books, it's probably alright to go during the weekend but if you want to take your kid to the children zones, best to go on weekdays.

4) Punggol Regional Library is located near Punggol MRT and Waterway Point

The library is located at 1 Punggol Drive One, #01-12, S(828629). It is about a 5-minute walk from Punggol MRT. If you are coming from Waterway Point, it also about a 5-minute walk if you exit from the mall's entrance near Sushiro at #01-31/32.

The walkway from the MRT and Waterpoint to the library is sheltered. So no worries, even if it's raining!

5) The library is opened 10am-9pm daily

The Punggol Regional Library is open daily from 10am till 9pm and closed on public holidays.

6) There's a cool cafe at the library

There's a cool cafe called Artease Cafe located on the second floor of the library. You can access the cafe from within the library. You can dine in or takeaway but food and drinks can't be taken into the library. You'd need to exit from another entrance of the cafe to go out of the library if you are taking away food.

We had the bubble tea and gelato at the cafe and they were really good! Seats were all taken when we were there around 1-2pm. Hope to try out their food the next time!

Have you visited Punggol Regional Library? If so, what do you like about it?

Disclaimer: My opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.



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