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5 must-knows before going on the Pokemon Adventure at Pokemon Carnival Sentosa

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

The Pokemon Carnival taking place 15-30 June 2019 at Sentosa Cove in Singapore will delight young Pokemon fans with carnival games, parades, moving screenings and Pokemon Adventure - a fun activity that will have you hunting for answers around the Cove to win Pokemon plushies.

The Pokemon Carnival at Sentosa Cove in Singapore started on 15 June 2019. Until 30 June, young Pokemon fans can enjoy the carnival's Pokemon-themed activities like carnival games, Pikachu parades, movie screenings and especially Pokemon Adventure, a highlight of the carnival.

Little E, six, and Big E, eight, are both Pokemon fans, hence when the event was announced, we knew we were definitely going for it. But some of their friends who are Pokemon fans said they were going to pass on this because it was not a Pokemon Go event, like the one in April in Sentosa where you could 'catch' Pokemon on your smartphones.

While #SentosaPokemonCarnival seemed less hyped up than the April Pokemon Go event, we really enjoyed the former just as much as the latter, if not more. I thought the Pokemon Adventure activity was great for family bonding as we went around Sentosa Cove hunting for answers in activity sheets amid a beautiful marina backdrop. It's an activity where everyone need not constantly stare down at their smartphones and instead have the whole family working together to look for the right answers while enjoying the fantastic view. It's family fun, the good old way.

Walking around for the right answers

If you're planning to try out the Pokemon Adventure - which we highly recommend you do if your kids are Pokemon fans - here are five things you should know before you get going.

1) Bring Sentosa receipts, pens and good walking shoes

To participate in the Pokemon Adventure activity, you’ll need to use one Sentosa receipt - that shows spending of any amount in the month of June 2019 - to exchange for one activity booklet/sheet and one carnival game voucher for use at the carnival games, which means it's almost free if you just bought a bottle of water or a snack on the island.

With everything being digital these days, it never occurred to me that I should bring pens for the kids to attempt the activity. It was a good thing hubby had a spare pen in his bag. So please, bring pens because you’ll need to write down the answers in the activity sheet.

You should also wear good walking shoes as you’ll need to go around Sentosa Cove to get some of the answers from the standees placed around the venue. I checked on google map - from the first standee to the last, it’s about a 1 km walk. But of course you won’t be starting from the first standee to the last as you’ll likely start from the redemption booth - located in the middle of the trail of standees - and you’ll still need to retrace your steps to hand in your activity sheet. So I’m estimating you’re going to be walking at least 2 km for this activity. So get those walking shoes ready!

Event map. Photo: Sentosa

The carnival and Pokemon Adventure is suitable for primary-school going kids - we saw many enthusiastically looking for the answers in their activity sheets - but younger ones might find covering the distance in Pokemon Adventure a bit tiring.

2) How to play Pokemon Adventure

Pokemon Adventure is an activity where you answer 18 questions on an activity sheet, and when you're done writing down all 18 answers, you submit it to the organisers. If you get all questions correct, you can redeem a Pokemon plushie (while stocks last!)

The Pokemon Adventure activity booklet/sheet

There are four versions to the activity sheets – set A, B, C and D. You could try requesting for the same version if you have a few kids playing at the same time so everyone is more focused on one task.

There are 18 Pokemon-related multiple choice questions on it. Some questions are trivia questions about Pokemon e.g. What is Cleffa’s height? You can answer these questions by using your smartphone’s QR reader to read the QR code on the standees which features the Pokemon in your question. We didn't really use the QR codes for these. The easier way is to just google the answers, that is if your little Pokemon trainer doesn’t already know them. Big E and Little E could answer some of the questions, but majority we still had to check online, which was what most people there were doing too.

The rest of the questions are related to pictures on the standees e.g Name the type of Pokemon standing together with Apom. You will need to see the standees in order to answer the questions, and that means, you can’t cheat by searching online. You’ll need to walk that 2 km!

Looking for the right standee for the right answer

The standees are gorgeous by the way, and even if you decide not to play Pokemon Adventure, they make great photo ops!

Such cute standees!

3) Budget enough time for the carnival

The carnival is from 5pm till 9pm. You’ll need to budget at least an hour or two to complete the activity, including the time you’ll need to google for some of the answers. But majority of our time was spent walking to all the standees. Sadly, we couldn’t finish our activity sheets as we had an appointment at dinner time. The kids were a little disappointed but we might go back again to finish it on another day.

There is also carnival games, playing on inflatables and parade and movie watching, which you’ll want to budget time for (see below).

Inflatable slide

4) Enjoy the other activities

Other than the Pokemon carnival games, other activities like the Pikachu Parade, meet Pikachu mascots and outdoor movie screenings do not happen every day. So if you want to participate in these, do note the schedules.

Event schedule

The Pikachu Parade happens at 815 pm on alternate evenings - 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30 June. Meet Pokemon mascots are on 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27 and 29 June at 7pm and 815pm at Quayside Isle Fountain Plaza.

Movie screening is at 730pm at Sentosa Cove Village at the carpark area. The titles and dates are as follows:

15 Jun: Pokémon Sun & Moon Episode 1 & Pokémon Sun & Moon Episode 2

16 Jun: Pokémon XY Season 1 Episode 1 & Pokémon XY Season 1 Episode 2

22 Jun: Pokémon XY Season 2 Episode 1 & Pokémon XY Season 2 Episode 2

23 Jun: Pokémon XYZ Season 1 Episode 1 & Pokémon XYZ Season 1 Episode 2

30 Jun: Pokémon 5: The Movie

5) Do go early if you can

Our last tip is to go early at 5pm if you can. There was no queue to redeem the activity sheet and carnival coupon when we arrived at 5pm but when we were leaving at 6 plus, there was a much longer queue going on.

Parking is available at Sentosa Cove Village. It was still easy to snag a parking lot at 5pm, but by 6plus, cars were circling around waiting for vacating lots.

Alternatively you could take the shuttle bus transports or hail a Grab ride, where there is a promo code you can use. Check the Pokemon Carnival website for shuttle bus schedule and details.

Find the Pokemon Carnival at Sentosa Cove on 15-30 June 2019. The redemption booth for the activity sheet and carnival voucher is walking distance from Quayside Isle and close to the giant Pikachu inflatable. Admission is free.

Redemption booth near giant Pikachu inflatable

Disclaimer: We submitted Sentosa receipts for the activity sheets, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.


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