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3 must-knows before helping ‘PJ Masks Save Christmas @ NEX’ mall

Whether your kids like PJ Masks or not, they’ll have oodles of fun at the ‘PJ Masks Save Christmas @ NEX’ event at NEX shopping mall in Singapore.

PJ Masks Nex shopping mall Singapore

Every year before the start of school holidays, I get a little excited waiting for the shopping malls in Singapore to start announcing their themes for the holiday season. We got really excited with the Pokemon theme that happened at a few malls last year because we could redeem Pokemon plushies, water bottles and gift-wrapping paper with our spending at the malls.

So far this year, we’ve been to ‘Christmas with We Bare Bears’ at City Square Mall and the next we visited is ‘PJ Masks Save Christmas @ NEX’!

Our girls liked PJ Masks briefly when they were much younger. Though they are not fans now, they got pretty excited when they saw the set-up at NEX mall. There’s a mini-flying fox for goodness sake!

Here’s what to expect at ‘PJ Masks Save Christmas @ NEX’ and a couple of must-knows that’ll save you time and hassles!

1) Super-hero Training Course at Atrium Level 1

PJ Masks Nex shopping mall Singapore
PJ Masks super-hero training course

What a cool set-up isn’t it? In the training course is a small rock climbing wall...

PJ Masks Nex shopping mall Singapore
PJ Masks super-hero training course

...a mini-flying fox and a jumping obstacle. The mini flying-fox is the highlight of course. It’s looks safe as it’s not very high, the ground is covered with foam pieces and there’s a staff at the end of the zipline to literally catch hold of your child.

PJ Masks Nex shopping mall Singapore
PJ Masks super-hero training course

After that, kids will get to jump from one blue foam-covered obstacle to another.

PJ Masks Nex shopping mall Singapore
PJ Masks super-hero training course

My girls said the zipline was so fun and they wanted to go again but sorry, mummy and daddy didn’t have THAT many things to buy!

To gain access to the training course, you’ll need to spend at least $20 in single receipt for myNEXrewards member (joining is free, just download the myNEXrewards app) or at least $50 in a single receipt for non-member. So if you have two kids who want to try this out, you’ll need to have two separate receipts of those amounts.

Also, the kids will need socks for this. We went to buy socks when we arrived and saw the requirement. Well, it did help to make up for the required spending!

To enter, just show your receipts at the training course area. There was a short queue when we were there around lunchtime on a Saturday. One thing to note is that the training course closes about half an hour before the PJ Masks live show starts and reopens when the show ends (show lasts for about half an hour). We almost didn’t made it as we were there when they were about to close the queue!

The training course is open from 29 November till 8 December 12-9pm daily and only for children 4 to 9 years old.

2) PJ Masks live show and meet-and-greet

PJ Masks Nex shopping mall Singapore
PJ Masks live show

The PJ Masks live show is happening at the same area as the training course (Atrium Level 1) at 1pm and 7pm during Tuesday-Thursday, and at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm during Friday-Sunday from 29 November to 8 December.

The live show is free of course (but the space before the stage gets filled up fast!), but if you want to take a photo with PJ Masks characters after the show, you can redeem a photo pass with a minimum spend of $20 in single receipt for myNEXrewards member (joining is free, just download the myNEXrewards app) or $50 in a single receipt for non-member. Receipts cannot be re-used. Meaning if you used a receipt to redeem for the training course, you can’t re-use that to redeem a photo pass. You’ll need to have another receipt to do so.

Queue to redeem the photo passes start one hour before the show at the Atrium Level 1 where the show takes place. There is a limit of 50 passes for each session and each pass only admits a family of four.

3) Other activities

PJ Masks Nex shopping mall Singapore
PJ Masks interactive games

There is also a PJ Masks interactive gaming corner at the same area from 29 November to 8 December from 12pm till 9pm. There are two touch-screen games there where you touch the screen for the super-hero to jump or move up and down to cross obstacles and collect coins (I think!).

It’s pretty popular with kids there and since there is no proper queue system for this, you’ll have some kids coming in to ‘poke’ at your screen and ruining your game when you’re halfway through. It really would be better if they could have a queue system where every child can have a proper turn at the game. So try coming when the mall is less crowded or have a go when the show is ongoing.

PJ Masks merchandises sold by Isetan are also available at the same area. We saw a 10% discount for the items!

PJ Masks Nex shopping mall Singapore
PJ Masks merchandise

If your kids are PJ Masks fans, they’ll love this one. Even my non-fan kids had fun at the training course and watching the show!

Find NEX Mall at 23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083. Contact them at + 65 6416 6366.

Disclaimer: We paid for my purchases, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.



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