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  • Vivian Teo

My dear teacher friend, here's something you didn't know

A tribute to teachers and educators this Teacher's Day.

Teacher's Day Singapore bead art tribute Vivian Teo
Bead art gifts my girls made for their teachers this year.

My dear teacher friend, here's something you didn't know. When I met you for the first time - whether in real person or on IG - and realised you're a teacher, I was a lil awe-struck. This sense of awe comes from knowing you are most probably an amazing human being. It's my girls who had impressed this upon me because I see the admiration and respect they have for and the bond they and their classmates share with their teachers. It's because my queries to their teachers, whether it's on school work or their well-being in school, are always responded to so tactfully, good-naturedly and with my children's best interest at heart.

The roles of teachers have evolved so much over the years. When I was a student, teachers were more to be feared of (well, it could just be me.) These days to be a teacher, you need to be so much more than just someone who imparts knowledge to children; you need to know how to speak to, bond with and inspire young hearts.

Sometimes, I don't know how you manage to do it all. Getting up so early for school, then staying for CCAs and extra lessons and marking school work and replying students' emails till late at night. During this pandemic, you need to monitor the kids' health and ensure safe management measures are followed (goodness knows it's never easy to get restless kids to adhere to such measures). And I read recently in the news, something about enhanced mental health literacy training for teachers? I can't help being impressed by how you manage to tackle all these while having to care for your own family.

I know the above is probably only a fraction of what you do and you do so much more but I just want you to know your love for the children and passion for education don't go unnoticed. Happy Teacher's Day and keep inspiring. This is me when I'm looking at you 🤩🤩🤩.

Disclaimer: My opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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