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The commentary in CNA about the pandemic lessons we ought to remember in current times

The commentary in CNA on the pandemic lessons that we ought to remember in the current times.

I had actually written this commentary (see below) earlier in April and it was much about our lives gradually returning to normal and how in the midst of doing so, we ought to return to a normal that's worth returning to. But then with a sudden surge in community cases, I had to rewrite it in line with current circumstances - it was a stark reminder of how the pandemic is still fluid and how things can change in just a matter of days.

Yesterday has honestly been overwhelming with the barrage of news on more COVID-19 community cases and heightened measures in Singapore. I'm worried as I read about the cases in a number of schools, wondering if schools were moving to HBL or closing early for school holidays, then saw pictures of people queuing up at supermarkets. (For the record, I'm not joining the crowds to hoard anything. C'mon, we've been through this, we all know there is no need to do so!) And there were the online comments on news articles and social media which had so much anger, frustration and negativity in them; I've decided I should just stop reading them before they drag me down to the pits.

So be kind, read my commentary below, then go read a book. Read this quote this morning (sorry, there was no attribute on the meme to the author) and absolutely loved it: "I think one of the best feelings ever is being completely absorbed in a book to the point where you can't put it down. It's like a mini vacation from the real world."

And I think we could all do with that mini vacay.


Commentary: Five pandemic lessons we have learnt that should tide us over any surge in cases

Published on ChannelNewsAsia on 13 May 2021.

Apart from maintaining good hygiene, managing our activities and preserving flexibility at work, let’s also remember to be kind and find joy in the simple things, says Vivian Teo.

Read the full article here.

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