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  • Vivian Teo

Vote for My BFF is an Alien in Popular Bookstore's Readers' Choice Awards 2020!

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

My BFF is an Alien is shortlisted in Popular Bookstore's Readers' Choice Awards 2020!

Popular Bookstore Readers Choice Awards 2020 My BFF is an Alien Epigram Books Singapore Vivian Teo middle grade book children kids Singlit
Photo: Popular Bookstore

I'm super excited that My BFF is an Alien has been shortlisted in the English children's books category of Popular Bookstore's Readers' Choice Awards 2020! 🥳 Thank you Popular Bookstore Singapore - it's really an honour for my book to be nominated alongside those of renowned local authors 🙏.

If you haven't already done so, do head to Popular Bookstore's website to vote. You can vote for three books in the category, which hopefully, one of them is mine 😁 The process is extremely easy (kudos to Popular Bookstore for making it so!), and you get a chance to win Popular Bookstore vouchers as well! Good, right? 😁

Do take the opportunity to browse through and pick up copies of the other nominated books as well - Popular Bookstore is currently offering a 20% discount for the nominated books (swipe right to see nominees)! I'm very grateful that bookshops here like Popular Bookstore have such wonderful initiatives to create awareness of and support Singapore literature and authors. Thank you Popular Bookstore and thank YOU, for voting 😘

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