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My BFF is an Alien: Sabotage now available at Epigram Books and Huggs-Epigram

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

My BFF is an Alien: Sabotage is now available at Epigram Books and Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop!

My BFF is an Alien Vivian Teo Singlit middle grade book children kids Singapore Epigram
Photo: Epigram Books

I'm extremely excited to let you know that My BFF is an Alien: Sabotage is now available at Epigram Books and Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop! And it's expected to reach other leading bookstores like Popular, Kinokuniya and Times in the next few weeks! (Oh, if you haven't read the first book, there is also a bundle deal going on now at Epigram Books where you can get both book one and two together at a discount.)

I know many of you have been waiting for this sequel and I know how hard it is to wait for books in a series. So I'm really glad that the book is available earlier than expected.

In this sequel, Octavia returns to Singapore after the Viridians had won the war. But Octavia and Abri's happy reunion is short-lived after a chance encounter with a wild boar is captured on video by a mysterious stranger and the footage ends up on the internet... and goes viral! Who is responsible and can the BFFs get the video down before Octavia’s alien roots are revealed?

I find that having laid the foundation in book one - particularly the girls' relationships with their family and friends in book 1 - I was able to focus more on the plot of Sabotage to make this an even more exciting page-turner with a surprise in the end (btw for those who have read book 2, don't give away any spoilers, ok? 😅). Another aspect I had really enjoyed writing about in book 2 was Abri's growth and seeing her coming out of her shell even more. The plot will continue to drive the remaining two books in the series, but I also hope children will resonate with the growth in the two girls and how their friendship evolves.

But until we get to Book 3 and 4 in 2021 (it still sounds far off but I'm sure 2021 would be upon us sooner than we know 😅), I hope you and your children enjoy Sabotage as much as I have enjoyed writing it 😊.

Disclaimer: My opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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