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Coming to you in October - My BFF is an Alien: Sabotage

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

My BFF is an Alien: Sabotage published by Epigram Books will be out in October 2020!

Vivian Teo My BFF is an alien Sabotage Book 2 two middle grade Singapore fiction children kids
Photo: Epigram Books Jul-Dec 2020 Catalogue

I'm super excited to see this in Epigram Books' Jul-Dec 2020 catalogue! I absolutely love the cover designed by Ng Min Min, what with the beach theme and important elements of the story on the sides.

Many of you have asked when the second book of My BFF is an Alien will be out, so there it is officially, this October!

You'll see from the synopsis of this book (but don't read it or read on if you haven't read book 1, unless you don't mind spoilers! Spoiler coming! I've warned's coming!😆) that this time round, the two lead characters deal with a situation where a video they don't want the world to see, ends up on the internet.

My writing—whether it’s through my books or opinion pieces in parenting websites—do reflect my interest in issues concerning children today, like education, childhood psychology, bullying and social media usage. So you'll continue to see in the rest of the series, such topics and also themes like friendship and courage that will resonate with children.

I’m really pleased to hear the feedback from children and parents who had read the first book and told me how much they had enjoyed the book and that they can't wait for the next book. We've been working really hard to get this second book out and the wait will be over soon (I know how hard it can be to wait for book in series!). I’m pretty confident this second book will be a real page turner and I just can’t wait for all of you to read My BFF is an Alien: Sabotage 😊

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