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My BFF Is an Alien: Invasion in Straits Times Life!

My BFF Is an Alien: Invasion in Straits Times Life!

Straits Times Life My BFF Is an Alien Invasion Vivian Teo Singapore singlit middle grade
28 February 2022 ST Life

Almost missed this in 28 February's Straits Times Life as it has been such a crazy week I haven't had time to read the papers. Thank you Straits Times and Elisa Chia for featuring My BFF Is an Alien: Invasion!

This fourth book of the series was a lil emotional for me to write as it marks the end of Abri and Octavia's story. It has been an amazing journey seeing the two girls grow and sharing their story with you. Well, the end is not really the end yet as a prequel is in the making which I hope you'll get to read by the end of this year! 😉 Until then, read the first four books first, ok? 😁

I'm really thankful to everyone who has been spreading word about my books and recommending them to your friends and community with your reviews and shout-outs. Without publicity, a book no matter how good will just fade into obscurity. So if you enjoyed a book, share about it - you'll help writers keep writing, and publishers, publishing! 😊

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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