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  • Vivian Teo

Happy news and thoughts on book marketing

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

This one's about My BFF is an Alien on Epigram Books' April bestseller list and some thoughts on book marketing.

I'm extremely thrilled that My BFF is an Alien is on Epigram Books' April bestseller list for the second straight month! This list is slight different from the one in March as the one in March was based on sales at Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop while the April list was based on sales at the bookshop in the first week or so (before it had to close for circuit breaker measures) and sales from Epigram Books' online store. But you know, I'll take it anyway 😁

But in all seriousness, I'm truly grateful to everyone who had supported my book. Whether you had bought it, recommended it to your friends, sharing your reviews and photos of the book online and on social media, you have my heartfelt thanks. I came into this being a relative unknown in the fiction writing world, so to be able to see my book up there with the likes of Secrets of Singapore and authors like the renowned Amanda Lee Koe, Cyril Wong and Suffian Hakim, I am truly humbled.

I'm also grateful to Epigram Books' marketing team who have been working tirelessly to get word of the book out into the world, their job no less having been made more difficult during CB when authors can't go out to promote and sell the books physically at events.

One might think a good book should be able to sell itself, but I've come to realise that marketing also plays an important part in selling a book. There were many a times when I come across a book either online or in bookshops and I think to myself, hey how come I've never seen this before though it was published a few years ago? I would have loved to read it when it was out! So I honestly feel that writing a good book is one thing, but people need to know there is such a book out there and that is when marketing plays a huge part in letting people know that such a book exists.

Last words, Epigram Books is having a 20% discount off children's and teen's books this May. I'm really thankful that I had stocked up on books for myself and the kids before CB kicked and they have really come in handy to occupy and entertain ourselves while we're all staying home. We're kinda down to the last book or two already, so I've shopped for a few more that should be delivered soon. Delivery from Epigram Books is really quite fast (tried and tested), so now would be a great time to buy a few more to keep the kiddos entertained for the rest of the holidays 😉.

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