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We love that the ‘Know Your Poo’ exhibition at Singapore Science Centre is full of crap. Here's why

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

The ‘Know Your Poo’ exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre is sure to crap-ture the interest of both kids and adults with its fun and informative features about human waste and the history of sanitation and toilets.

The ‘Know Your Poo’ exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre is like no other exhibition that we’ve been too – it’s full of crap. Oh, and fart too. It has to be as the exhibition is about human waste and the history and evolution of sanitation and toilets.

The topic of pooing is not widely disgust…I mean discussed, despite it being a natural bodily function, which makes it a rather special and interesting exhibition. Its many cute and interactive features making the exhibition very engaging for kids too.

Enough of poo puns. Here's what made it fun at the ‘Know Your Poo’ exhibition.

The toilets of yester-years

The exhibition will take you through the evolution of toilets in Singapore from when night soil - essentially human excrement - had to be collected in buckets till the modern sanitation facilities we have now. The night soil removal system, which is the manual removal of human faeces from houses using buckets, was in place in Singapore from the 1950s till 1980s. At the exhibition, you can even handle the bucket (sans poop) and put it in the truck yourself!

That used to be how it was done

I think this is quite an eye-opener for the kids on how 'small and big businesses' were done in the past and a reminder on how much the standard of living, which many of us take for granted, have improved in Singapore.

There is also a video that showed the disparity between current and past toileting conditions where you can watch sitting on buckets and toilet bowls. Our girls spent a bit of time here watching the short video (again and again) but they did take away something from this - that they are so lucky they don't have to do their business behind trees and in the grass!

Make yourself comfy and watch a show

There are also interactive features on how the modern sanitation system works...

How our sanitation system works

...as well as how the flush system works in our toilet bowls.

How the modern day toilets work

And being an exhibition on human waste, it's only right that there are poo displays. At the display, you can learn what affects your poo and what the looks of your poo mean. Very informational indeed!

A fine display of different poop types

Other than pee, what else can go with poop? Fart, right? So at this exhibition, we also got to look at flatulence at the Cheeky Fart Chamber, which is a really cute exhibit. You can read fun facts about the gas in your digestive system while pressing on the protrusions on each side of the walls that'd produce realistic farting noises. I'd bet you can imagine little children (and ahem myself) giggling at the various farting sounds in this chamber.

The Cheeky Fart Chamber...PFFFTT

Here, kids can learn about the human digestive system and how it works...

The human digestive system

...and also about paying attention to personal hygiene like after using the toilet and before eating (and what could happen if you don't!). All very important information!

Learn about hygiene too

You'll also see fun facts like this - a tape worm that can grow to 25m long. Gross the kids out a bit!

Tape worm...ugghh

The exhibition also features a sewage pipe slide where you can climb into and slide into a pit of brown balls. Needless to say, this was quite the draw for kids!

Sewer pipe slide!

And last but not least, this very instagrammable Game of Thrones styled toilet bowl.

Have a seat at the Royal Throne

The exhibition is not huge and the Science Centre recommends spending 15-30 minutes for this exhibition. We definitely took more time than that as we read in detail about and interacted with all the exhibits.

The exhibition opened in November 2019 and is a permanent exhibition at the Science Centre.

Singapore Science Centre tickets for Singaporeans and PR are at $4 for children (aged 3-12) and $6 for adults during peak period (weekends including gazetted public holidays and school holidays). Entry is free for Singaporeans and PRs during off-peak period (weekdays).

Find the Singapore Science Centre at 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081 or contact them +65 6425 2500. It’s opened daily from 10am to 6pm and closed on certain Mondays. Visit the Science Centre's website for closure dates.

Disclaimer: We paid for our tickets, and the opinions expressed here are strictly my family's and my own.

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