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  • Vivian Teo

6 reasons to take the kids to the ‘all new’ Kidz Amaze SAFRA Jurong

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

New play elements like a knitted maze at the revamped Kidz Amaze SAFRA Jurong in Singapore are fun additions to the indoor playground's existing huge tower play structure and tube slide that's one of Asia's tallest.

Kidz Amaze Safra Jurong Singapore indoor playground

We’ve been to Kidz Amaze at SAFRA Toa Payoh and Punggol a number of times - our kids absolutely love them and the entrance fees are reasonable though they do get pretty crowded during weekends. But we've never been to Kidz Amaze SAFRA Jurong given that its located a little far for us.

The Jurong branch had undergone renovations not too long ago and had reopened in last year with new play elements added that makes it more interesting compared to pre-reno. So if you haven’t been to Kidz Amaze SAFRA Jurong yet, here are six reasons why the post-reno ‘all new’ indoor playground is worth taking the kids to.

1) It’s a sprawling 17,000 feet

Compared to the Toa Payoh branch of 12,700 feet, the Jurong indoor playground is larger at a sprawling 17,000 feet. While the Toa Payoh’s main play structure is built horizontally which makes it similar to a large maze, the Jurong one extends vertically giving children many levels to play and explore.

Kidz Amaze Safra Jurong Singapore indoor playground

There are also more play areas at the Jurong branch compared to Toa Payoh's, one being a knitted playground called the Rainbow Maze and a large illuminated ball play area called Illuminaze.

2) A massive five-level tower

Kidz Amaze Safra Jurong Singapore indoor playground

The main play structure here is the five-level tower that will let your kids climb through obstacles and expend lots of energy. Our kids did mention the five levels – which is equivalent to three stories high – looked a little daunting from the top level but all the climbing did give them good exercise such that they were beat by the end of the day!

Kidz Amaze Safra Jurong Singapore indoor playground

3) One of Asia’s highest indoor spiral slides

When you climb to the top level, you’ll be able to slide down one of the highest indoor spiral slides in Asia which measures 18.5 metres tall.

Kidz Amaze Safra Jurong Singapore indoor playground
One of the highest indoor spiral slides in Asia measuring 18.5 metres tall

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know my kids are not ones for scary thrill rides so they didn’t dare to go on this despite my hubby trying it and telling them it was neither too fast nor scary. That said, we still did see other kids going for it.

4) A foam blaster area

Right in the middle of the five-level play structure is a foam ball arena equipped with foam blasters, just like the one at the Toa Payoh branch.

Kidz Amaze Safra Jurong Singapore indoor playground
Foam blaster

It’s definitely a very popular area with lots of kids using bags to collect foam balls, dumping them into the machine and waiting for them to be blasted out.

5) A climb-worthy knitted playground

Kidz Amaze Safra Jurong Singapore indoor playground
Rainbow Maze

The new addition to the Jurong indoor playground is a knitted playground called the Rainbow Maze where children can climb into and laze around inside what looks like a giant cocoon.

Kidz Amaze Safra Jurong Singapore indoor playground

Our girls love climbing in and out of this one. On the sides are ‘wrecking balls’ where children can sit and swing on. These were definitely a hit with the children there as well.

6) An illuminated giant ball area called Illuminaze

This is basically a darkened room filled with giant illuminated balls where children can push the balls around. But children being children, most like to try to jump and lay prone on the balls though it’s a little hard to do so given the height of the balls.

Kidz Amaze Safra Jurong Singapore indoor playground

The area does seem like lots of fun but it didn’t seem very popular at all. I suspect it was because on the day we were there, there was a very strict staff there telling children quite fiercely not to jump onto the balls. I appreciate that the staff is looking out for children's safety but in a way I think that dampened the fun for the kids. Like us, many just went in and out very quickly. If the staff are concerned that the kids might tumble over when the ball rolls [though from my observation many are not able to fully lie prone on top of the balls due to the balls’ height] perhaps they could consider padding the floor there. If not, I highly doubt kids would like to just push the balls around and it’s really quite a waste that the lovely area couldn’t be fully enjoyed by the kids.

The revamped Kidz Amaze Jurong is a lot more exciting and fun than when there was just the play structure tower. If there is just the tower play structure and nothing else, we’re quite unlikely to make a trip all the way there unless we live in the area. But with the new play additions, it’s definitely worth a visit especially if you haven’t been there before!

Bonus tips for your trip:

- There are different tiers of entrance fees depending on whether you’re Kidz Amaze members or SAFRA members. Non-member children (1-13 years old) pay $14 on Monday-Friday and $18 during weekends, public and school holidays. The entrance fees drop to $10 and $12 respectively for SAFRA members and $8 and $10 respectively for Kidz Amaze members. Accompanying adults pay $2 each.

- Socks are required and can be purchased at $2.50 per pair if you didn’t bring one.

- Bags are not allowed in but you can store them in lockers at $1 per use. Water bottles can be placed on top of shoe shelves near the lockers.

- We were there on a weekday school holiday and it definitely didn’t look crowded at all if not for a school excursion there that day with probably less than ten kids who were not in school uniform.

Find Kidz Amaze at 333 Boon Lay Way, SAFRA Jurong, Singapore 649848 or call them at +65 6686 4321. Opening hours are at 1-7pm during Monday-Friday, 1-9pm on Fridays, 10am-9pm on weekends and public holidays, and 10am-7pm during school holiday weekdays.

Disclaimer: We paid for our entrance fees, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.



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