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10 things to know before taking your kid karting at Superkarts Underground at Resorts World Sentosa

Karting at Superkarts Underground's huge track at Resorts World Sentosa makes for a fun and exciting activity for kids this school holiday!

We recently took the girls karting at Resorts World Sentosa! Run by KF1 Karting, the karting circuit is located at the underground carpark at RWS. Having been karting earlier this year at Scape Singapore where they had lots of fun, the girls were really excited to go for this.

Well, the KF1 circuit at RWS did not disappoint and the girls had fun this time round as well, though they did wished they could go a bit longer on the track! If you're wondering if you should take your kid karting at Superkarts Underground at RWS this upcoming school holiday, here's our review and 10 things to know!

1) Where is it located?

Superkarts Underground is located at RWS' underground East Carpark (Orange Zone). When you drive into the RWS carpark from Sentosa Gateway bridge, you'll past it on the right. If you're taking public transport and arriving at RWS, look for signs to go to the East Carpark. It's deep into the carpark if you're walking from RWS but still within a walkable distance.

Superkarts Underground is open now till 31st December 2022 at 1pm-9pm on weekdays and 10am-9pm on weekends and public holidays.

2) Any age/height limit?

There are two tracks - a main track and a kids track with their own height limits.

Here's a closer look at the kids track.

The kids track uses electric karts which travels at a maximum of 8km/hour i.e. quite slow. Racers below 100cm must be accompanied by another rider at least 120cm tall. Those at least 100cm of height are allowed to ride alone though parents are still encouraged to ride with them on their first try.

Here's a part of the main track that my girls went on. The track is huge and those not racing are only allowed at the waiting area, so I don't have a picture of the full track.

The main track is for novice and advanced racers. The latter is for those with driving licenses so I won't go into detail about that here as the kids who can drive on the main track are likely in the novice category where the karts go to a max of 25km/hour. Racers on the main track need to be at least 1.4m tall.

3) How much is it?

A 10-minute ride on the main track costs $28 for public, $22 for RWS members. I didn't enquire about the ride duration of the kids kart as we didn't go for that but the KF1 website states the kids kart costs $15/ride and $35 for 3 rides for the public, and $12/ride and $28 for 3 rides for RWS members.

It's honestly not the cheapest - the one at Scape Singapore was at $20 per 10-minute ride - but I guess generally speaking, karting is just not cheap in Singapore.

4) How fun is the main track?

The girls love this track! It's bigger and has more turns than the one at Scape Singapore.

5) Is it easy to maneuver the karts?

Racers on the main track have to watch a video with safety and driving instructions before they start racing. So that covers the basic. But my girls said the karts were a bit difficult to maneuver, especially compared to the one at Scape Singapore. The steering is stiffer, so you need more strength to steer and a bit of getting use to initially. But ultimately, they did get use to it and were able to steer their karts quite well.

Just take note if you have younger kids: My girls are 10 and 12 years old and they said their arms were aching from the steering at the end of the day!

6) Was it crowded?

We visited on a weekday during a PSLE marking day. We reached there when it opened at 1pm and we were the only ones going for the main track. When we were leaving, there were a few adults and older kids who just arrived. So it's not crowded on a weekday, but I can't say for sure on weekends.

The kids track was also very popular when we were there. There were at least 4 or 5 racers on the track when we arrived.

7) Do you need to book?

Superkarts Underground does not take bookings, so it's on a first-com-first-serve basis.

8) Are the helmets disinfected after use?

Racers on the main track need to wear full-face helmets. (No helmets needed for the kids track.) I'm actually quite particular about the cleanliness of the helmets, so I asked a staff on duty if the helmets are disinfected after every use. The staff says they do not do so after every use but they do wash the helmets at the end of the day. The helmets are placed on racks and there's a fan blowing at them to dry them up in-between use. Hairnets are provided for racers.

If like me, you're particular that shared helmets should be disinfected after every use, you might want to be the first few to arrive at the day to use freshly-cleaned helmets.

9) Where to park?

You can park at the RWS East Carpark as well. The carpark is really huge and the tracks take up the end of the carpark. So after parking at the East Carpark, you can easily walk across to the end of the carpark.

10) What to bring?

Covered shoes are required!

My girls really enjoyed themselves and are hoping to go again during the school holidays! Have you been to other karting venues in Singapore? If so, share with us in the comment box below!

Disclaimer: We paid for our tickets, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.



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