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Taking your kid go-karting? Here's our first-time racers' experience at Racehub Scape Singapore

We went go-karting at Racehub at Scape Singapore and it was a fun and exciting experience for the kids!

karting go-kart racehub Singapore scape kids activities driving

We were at Orchard Road for a staycation this June school holiday! There are not many kids activities in the Orchard Road area for children their age - my girls are 9 and 11 years old - compared to other staycation venues like Sentosa, so we were pretty glad that Racehub currently has a go-kart circuit at Scape at Somerset till 3 July 2022!

The girls have always wanted to try out go-karting but we either haven't found the time to do so or discovered some go-karting places but didn't hear very good reviews about them. Well, the girls had a good time at Racehub's circuit at Scape. I didn't go for it so I 'interviewed' my girls and here's their review on karting at Racehub Scape and thoughts on go-karting for the very first time!

karting go-kart racehub Singapore scape kids activities driving
Getting ready to go!

1) How easy was it to maneuver the go-kart?

Both: The instructions and safety video before the session were very clear. It was also very easy to maneuver the kart. The steering was smooth and there are only two pedals - right for accelerate, left for break. But sometimes we got confused on which pedal is which.

2) Did you find it fast?

Both: It felt fast when we were on the tracks but later looking at the videos, we realised we weren't moving that fast.

(Mum: Yes, that's why I was yelling 'go faster' on the sideline 😅)

(Note: Speed of video was doubled)

3) Were you scared at anytime?

Both: Not at all!

Big E: But I was a bit nervous when trying to overtake another driver as I didn't want to crash into them.

4) What did you like most about the experience?

Both: It was fun to drive on the circuit like we were Mario Kart racers! There were also quite a few curves and bends that made the track exciting.

5) What did you like least about the experience?

Both: It was hot when we were there (1130am) and our faces felt squished up in the helmets.

6) Would you like to go karting again?

Both: YES!

karting go-kart racehub Singapore scape kids activities driving

Bonus tips for your trip:

i) Read the FAQs at Racehub's website before you go

There's an excellent FAQ at Racehub's website which you should read before you go. Some of the important points include electric kart racers having to be at least 9 years old and 1.3m tall. Kids 3-7 years can go on cars that can be remote controlled by parents.

ii) Book ahead to secure a spot

You can book and secure a spot on Racehub's website. But we didn't do that as Singapore's weather can be rather unpredictable so we decided to walk in since we weren't expecting a crowd on a weekday. We did manage to get our slots immediately but a few joined the queue soon after (only 6 racers are allowed each session). But do note that walk-ins are subjected to availability and payment on site is only via paynow.

iii) Prices

Karting for children 9-12 years old and students (ID required) are at $20 per 10 minute session. That for adults are at $25 per 10 minute session. The 3-7 year old vehicles are at $10 per 10 minute session.

iv) Required attire

Covered shoes are required. You're allowed to bring your own helmets but they must be PSB approved. The helmets there are full-faced helmets, so I'm assuming bicycle helmets won't make the cut!

v) Hairnets and lockers provided

I'm glad that hairnets are provided and staff spray the helmets with anti-bacterial spray after the sessions. You can't bring your bags into the karts but lockers are provided for you to store them if you don't have anyone who could watch over your belongings at the site.

vi) Opening hours and location

The circuit is located at Scape, right next to Orchard Cineleisure. It is open Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-9pm.

All in all, it was a fun experience for the kids and we loved seeing them zip around the tracks. Indeed it was hot at the time we went. I had asked the kids if they would like to go for a second round but they declined because of the heat. Well, after a pleasant experience the first time round, we definitely hope to go karting again in the near future!

What fun places have you visited this June school holidays? Let us know in the comment box below! 😊

Disclaimer: We paid for our tickets, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.



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