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READ & REVIEWED: James Riley's Story Thieves series

James Riley crafts an exciting page-turner in Story Thieves through a clever merge of fictional and real worlds.

James Riley Story Thieves book review middle grade

If you could jump into a book to meet your favourite book's characters and live in their world, would you? In James Riley's Story Thieves series, Owen sees his classmate, Bethany, climbing out of a book in the library. Turns out Bethany's half fictional - her father's a fictional book character, her mother a real-life person - and she's been searching in books for her missing father. Owen gets Bethany to take him into his favourite series only to have it result in disastrous consequences for both fictional and real worlds.

James Riley Story Thieves book review middle grade

My 11-year-old has been raving about this series and not wanting to put it down even when it's bedtime. Big E says, "This story cleverly merges real and fictional worlds, making it very different from other books. It's exciting and a real page-turner!" You can find this middle-grade book series at all good bookstores.

James Riley Story Thieves book review middle grade

I haven't read this myself but Big E's enthusiasm for the series is definitely rubbing off me. She has given some thoughts to the issues put forth in the books like what if we are really living lives written by authors and what if we could go into books to change its plots. I also thought if like Bethany's mum, I'm to marry a fictional character, who would that be? Hahaha! Nope, no answer for that yet 😆

We are still staying home with our books with all the C cases out there 😅 How about you? Nonetheless, hope you are having a good weekend 😊

Disclaimer: We paid for our books, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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