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(UPDATED) ZOOM TALK: "How to Create an Exciting Story" by My BFF Is an Alien author, Vivian Teo

Learn how to create an exciting story in this one-hour talk by Vivian Teo, author of the My BFF Is an Alien series.

Vivian Teo My BFF Is an alien How To Create an Exciting story talk author book presentation online June holiday kid activities enrichment lesson creative writing Singapore

UPDATED: 16 June 2022

Last Sunday was the fourth and last session of my June Zoom talk - How to Create an Exciting Story! I had a great time sharing fiction writing tips with the 9-14-year-old aspiring writers who attended my talk. The kids asked so many good questions: How did I come up with my book characters' names? How do you plan and write a sequel? Will there be a book 6 in the #MyBFFIsAnAlien series? How do you get your book published?

Here's 1 more: How old do you need to be in order to write a book? My answer is there is no age limit to that. I've always believed anyone can write a book no matter how old or young they are - as long as you have the determination and perseverance to work on your craft, you can achieve any goal really. So go forth and create, kids - you're never too young to start writing your books!

Thank you, parents, for signing up your kids for my talk. I'm really heartened by how supportive so many of you are towards your children's interests and hobbies. I hope your kids had fun and learned a thing or two about creating exciting stories 😉

Do let me know if your child has any feedback on what they'd like to learn more of with regards to fiction writing. I just might hold another talk/workshop end of the year if there is collective interest in a particular topic. A lot of work goes into planning and organising talks but I think it's all worthwhile when I hear the kids had learned plenty and enjoyed themselves 😊 Until then, enjoy the June school holidays 🤗

Original post: 14 May 2022

Earlier in April, I had held a Zoom creative storytelling and writing session with Teck Ghee Community Club for 9-14-year-old aspiring writers and I really didn't expect the session to be full in a matter of days after I posted about it in my social media! I received many DMs and comments on whether I could hold another session as many of you weren't able to get a spot. After some planning, I've decided to do so this June school holiday! Please read on for details!

What the talk is about:

About me and my books:

Vivian Teo My BFF Is an alien How To Create an Exciting story talk author book presentation online June holiday kid activities enrichment lesson creative writing Singapore

Talk details:

To register, please email the following details:

1) Participant name

2) Date of session you would like to register for

and I would reply with PayNow details to facilitate payment. Kindly note that registration closes on and payment should be made by 31 May 2022. Your spot in the session is only confirmed upon receipt of payment and Zoom link will be sent to you closer to session date.

I don't plan to hold this on a regular basis as logistics is a bit of a hassle, so for now, I'm only having the talk this June school holiday - I don't want to disappoint the kids who wanted to attend the talk in April but couldn't! There are limited vacancies as number of participants per session will be capped at 20, so do register soon if your child is keen to attend!

Thank you and I hope to see you and/or your child at the talk soon!

Disclaimer: My opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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