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Happy news on My BFF Is an Alien

Sharing some happy news on My BFF Is an Alien!

Because I was at Epigram Books to buy some books and then I saw the Epigram Books Jan-Jun 2021 Catalogue in hard copy that has my pic on the back cover 😄 I had already seen the soft copy catalogue but I still think nothing beats seeing your work/pic/writing in print and being able to hold it in your hands.

In the catalogue you'll see that, Turbulence, the third book of My BFF Is an Alien will be out in May! Here's the lovely book cover if you missed my earlier post 😆.

Epigram Books Jan-Jun 2021 Catalogue

And last but not least, the first book of My BFF Is an Alien has gone into second print! Yay! 🥳

First book of My BFF Is an Alien

I also recently got a copy of POPULAR's Popclub March/April magazine when I was at the bookshop. I've always loved flipping through the magazine for its book and lifestyle product recommendations. And in the latest issue was some happy memories from the POPULAR Readers' Choice Awards in December 2020!

Popclub magazine March/Arpil 2021

And also from the POPULAR's Prologue March/April Guide, which recommends the new books available at POPULAR bookshops, is Sabotage, the second book of the My BFF Is an Alien series.

Prologue March/April 2021 Guide

Happy news to start off the March school holiday! Wishing y'all a good week ahead and an enjoyable holiday for those with school-going kids! I, for one, am glad to turn off my 6am alarm clock for a week 😆

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