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Turbulence will be out in May 2021!

Updated: Feb 8

Turbulence, the third book of My BFF is an Alien series, will out in May 2021! Here's a first look at the book cover!

Photo: Epigram Books Jan-Jun 2021 Catalogue

(UPDATED on 8 February 2021 to add back cover of catalogue)

Original post: 1 February 2021

Can I just say how excited I am about this? 😆 Turbulence, the third book of the #MyBFFIsAnAlien series, will be out this May! It's my first look at the book cover too - loving how Abri and Octavia are cycling away from a waterspout with Abri glued to her phone!

While I have equal love for all the books in the series, I have to admit Turbulence is the one I had most enjoyed writing. I love being able to show how the two girls had grown and how their friendship had evolved, while putting their bond to the test of social media and bullying. Meanwhile amid their personal drama, a serious threat to humankind in the form of escalating severe weather events lurks in the background 😯

It's going to be an exciting ride, and we are almost there! 😉

Oh btw, my photo is on the back cover of Epigram Books' Jan-Jun 2021 Catalogue. Didn't realise that in my rush to see Turbulence's book cover and only found out after a friend told me. I'm like...WOW!!! I'll need a hard copy of the catalogue 😁.

Photo: Epigram Books Jan-Jun 2021 Catalogue

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