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DIY a cute pea pod squishy craft with your kid!

Here's a cute and easy-to-make pea pod squishy craft your kid can have fun with!

DIY pea pod squishy craft stress reliever destress kid activity

Here's a DIY pea pod squishy craft Little E made! It's a pretty simple craft great for an rainy day indoor activity! All you need is a foam sheet, 3 small balloons, glue, scissors, water, stapler and permanent marker to draw faces (if you want).

DIY pea pod squishy craft stress reliever destress kid activity

If you don't have foam sheets, more durable type of paper works too - we've made one with paper laminated with clear tape.

Here's a video on how to make this cute craft. Detailed instructions are farther down!


1) Cut out your pods from the foam sheet. You'll need 2 pod pieces of the same size. The pod you see here is about 3x6cm but you can make smaller ones for just 1 or 2 'peas' in your pod.

2) Fasten the sides of the pod with stapler.

3) Fill about half the balloons with water, knot them and trim off the ends.

4) Put glue inside the base of the pod. You can use hot glue gun to better secure the peas.

5) Push the balloons into the pod (knotted side down).

6) Draw faces on the balloons with marker.

That's it!

These make really good stress relievers! Have fun! Do follow my social media for more fun craft ideas 😄

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