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Fun and easy "torchlight" craft for kids!

Here's a fun and easy to make "torchlight" craft for kids - perfect for a rainy day indoor activity!

My 10-year-old Little E is really into crafting these days! Here's one cool "torchlight" craft she learned from YouTube that's easy and fun for kids to make - perfect for an indoor and/or rainy day activity!

Here are the materials you'll need: A clear pocket, a black sheet of paper (same size as pocket), a white sheet of paper, coloured permanent markers and scissors.

For the clear pocket, we use those for A4 documents but you can always use recycled clear packaging. For clear pockets, the opening is usually at the width, so you might want to slit open one side of the length of the pocket and tape up the width opening - this is so there is more room to explore with your flashlight and the flashlight need not be too long to reach the items at the top of the pocket.

For the required materials, I added glue and coloured paper above, in case you want to decorate the torchlight that you'd be making!


1) Draw items on the clear pocket sheet in landscape format. (Little E had made one with kawaii ghosts too. See video below!). It's not so important to colour in the background as that would be taken care of by the black sheet of paper later.

2) When you're done with the drawings, insert the black sheet into the clear pocket.

3) Cut the white paper into the shape of a torch with light shining out. You can draw designs on the torch but leave the "light" of the torch white.

4) Insert the torch into the clear pocket to find the items you drew! The effect is pretty cool and it can be turned into a "Find an Object" game for your little ones.

Hope you'll have fun with this! 😁

BTW, you might have noticed my posts are mostly of books and crafts lately. That's because we haven't been out and about much with Big E's upcoming P6 exams. It's not because we are using all the time for revision but because the C cases are still pretty high and we rather err on the side of caution and avoid crowded places during the weekend to lower the risk of falling sick during the exams. Still, lots of books and indoor crafts activity to keep us entertained!

Well, we are looking forward to the end of the PSLE, nonetheless! All the best to the P6-ers taking the exams this year!

Disclaimer: My opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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