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Going to The Dessert Museum at Plaza Singapura? Here are 3 must-knows

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

The Dessert Museum at Plaza Singapura in Singapore will delight both kids and adults with its cheery wonderland-like dessert-themed rooms.

The Dessert Museum from the Philippines have landed at Plaza Singapura! The kids were really excited after seeing the eye-catching pics of the pop-up, so we made a visit to the pop-up on launch date.

I must say the pop-up didn’t disappoint – we must have snapped hundreds of photos in the gorgeous set-up. But before we got to take the lovely pics, we went through a rather frustrating process on the museum ticket redemption, which I hope are only teething problems on launch day and are already out of the way by now. Not going to gripe here, but now that we know, here are some tips if you'd like to save some time and hassle for yourself and your kids when there.

1) How do you gain entry to the pop-up?

a) First, sign up as a Capitastar member by downloading its app.

b) Then spend a minimum of $45 in a single receipt to redeem a pair of entry tickets at the entrance of The Dessert Museum on Level 1 atrium. Though the mall's T&C states that you have to redeem this at the fourth level customer service, you don't have to, unless you want to redeem a $5 game voucher or a dessert workshop pass (which are part of their redemption programme). So just head straight for the museum entrance at Level 1 if you only want to redeem entrance tickets.

c) If like us, you have a family of four, you'll need to have spent at least $90 in a single receipt to get two passes to admit four (This is not explicitly written in the mall's T&Cs and I really think the T&C could have been clearer). If you have a larger group, you'll need to have spendings in multiples of $45 but only up till a minimum of $180 in a single receipt as you can only make a maximum of four redemptions in a day.

If you do not have that many things to buy at one store, you could shop at two places or have lunch at the mall such that you have two receipts of minimum $45 spent. Then both Daddy and Mummy register for the Capitastar app, and using the two receipts and two Capitastar accounts (because one shopper is only allowed to redeem once), you'll be able to gain entry for a family of four.

If you’re intending to redeem a $5 carnival game voucher (there is an outdoor carnival) or a workshop pass (this only takes place during weekends), you'll need to head up to the Level 4 customer service counter and be prepared to wait. There is a serious bottleneck at the customer service when we were there. It was more than an hour wait when we were there at 10-plus in the morning with 50 people already in the queue. By 12-plus in the afternoon, the number of people in the queue had gone up to more than 80. I can only imagine it being even longer during weekends.

2) What to expect?

Five different themed rooms with an atmosphere so cheerful and colourful, we forgot all about the hassle we went through to get here. The set-ups are very insta-worthy - we must have snapped hundreds of photos the hour we were there - while our kids were just happy to go on the slide, swings, see-saw and throw balloons in the air.

The Donut Room

Get ready for a room full of donuts when you slide into it!

Other than a slide, the Donut Room also comes with colourful donut plushies, dangling donuts and a donut push-cart. Welcome to donut heaven!

The Candy Cane Room

In this sweet-looking pastel room, you'll find giant candy canes...

a candy cane see-saw...

and swings. A word of caution on the swings though. Our kids noted that the seats are rather narrow and smooth such that it's easy to accidentally slide off them. We saw a few kids including ours, tumble off. So do look out for the younger ones!

The Lollipop Room

Find lollipops of all sizes here!

Some big enough to sit and stand on!

The Ice-cream Room

Here, you can climb on giant sticks of ice-creams...

enormous ice-cream tubs...

and a bathtub full of balls!

The Churros Room

Our kids were pretty glad to just jump on giant churros while playing with the balloons!

And also posing with floating marshmallows.

3) What else is there?

It’s very likely you’d make a beeline for The Dessert Museum, but do check out the interesting food stalls and games carnival outside Plaza Singapura as well.

Here you’ll find flavoured fries, Swiss Rosti and bubble tea, including the white rabbit milk tea!

Also taking place outdoor is a games carnival where you could try your hand at wining plushies.

The Dessert Museum from the Philippines is at Singapore’s Plaza Singapura Level 1 Main Atrium from 4 October till 27 October. It's open at 10am-10pm on Sunday-Thursday and 10am-2am on Friday-Saturday.

Find Plaza Singapura at 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238839 or contact them at +65 6332 9248.

Disclaimer: We paid for our spending at the mall to redeem entrance tickets, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.

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