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That "Dear Husband" letter about the invisible workload that mothers bear

All about that "Dear Husband" letter I wrote for Sassy Mama Singapore.

I remember when I first came across the term "the invisible workload of motherhood", I was SO glad to know that there is actually a term that so aptly describes the mental burden that mothers bear, how a mother's brain constantly works non-stop to keep her household running and making sure everyone in it is alive and well. It was with that, I had wanted to have my own take on this.

The letter was published on Sassy Mama Singapore on 2 February 2021. You can read it here.

This is not a letter written to MY husband (it's fictional) and I didn't write it to whine or complain. This is not a letter to compare who does more or less in the household; I know there are many hands-on hubbies out there including mine. I had written it to depict what goes on day in day out in a mother's head and so that mothers know we're not in this alone - the invisible workload we bear is indeed heavy and so often, overwhelming. I hope with this, my fellow mothers know that when we occasionally mess things up, there is no need to feel bad; we all deserve some slack.

Since the article was published, I was overwhelmed by the response to it - the 'shares' and 'likes' for the article on Sassy Mama's FaceBook page went through the roof. The latest count six days later was at over 500 shares and 300 likes.

Sassy Mama Singapore Vivian Teo mothers invisible workload
Photo: Sassy Mama Singapore Facebook page

I also received lots of messages and DMs from fellow mothers who told me how much the letter had resonated with them. Having people tell me "this is exactly how I feel!" and thanking me for writing what had been on their mind all this time, is the reason why I write what I write. So, thank you for the love!

Thank you to Sassy Mama Singapore for the opportunity to write this, and the support you've given to me and my books all this while. I truly appreciate it.

Sassy Mama Singapore Vivian Teo invisible workload mothers
Photo: Sassy Mama Singapore IG story

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